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Sylvan Esso's "No Rules Sandy" Receives Rave Review

Electronic/folk duo Sylvan Esso, featuring vocalist-songwriter Amelia Meath ’10 and instrumentalist Nick Sanborn, have just released their fourth studio album, No Rules Sandy, which has received a rave review on NPR

Image of Sylvan Esso by Brian Karlsson

From NPR: "The new album is marked not by a reversal of the duo's songwriting formula so much as a forgoing of one altogether. The result is an album that sounds unselfconscious, a truer blend of both Meath and Sanborn's skill sets... it's uniquely thrilling to witness the way Meath and Sanborn see each other in every song. You don't have to know yourself to know another, but there's alchemy and an open doorway if you do, and No Rules Sandy hints at the payoff of walking through it together." 

The review also references Mountain Man, featuring Meath, Molly Sarle '12, and Alex Sauser-Monnig '09. The trio formed while they were students at Bennington College. In 2019, the trio gave the commencement address to the graduating class.