Committees are either faculty elected or appointed by the President or Dean of Faculty, in consultation with the Provost. Appointments are typically made prior to the beginning of the academic year. The terms for faculty-elected committees are staggered; elections are ongoing throughout the year.


Safety Committee

The Safety Committee, made up of faculty and staff and chaired by the Director of Campus Safety, is responsible for reviewing matters pertaining to safety on campus. The Committee reviews practices and procedures associated with ongoing College operations, ensures that adequate and appropriate safety training occurs, and seeks to identify hazards on campus in need of correction. Campus community members may bring safety concerns to the attention of the Chair of the Safety Committee.

Updated: July 2020

  • Ken Collamore, chair
  • Natalie Basil
  • John Bullock
  • Heather Faley
  • Abbey Killam
  • Angel Kwasniak
  • Meredith McCoy
  • Brian Murphy
  • Andy Schlatter

Land and Building Use Committee

This Committee is charged by the President to set policies governing the ongoing management of the physical environment of the campus. Utilizing the campus master plan as a touchstone, the Committee is responsible for evaluating proposals for projects that interface with Bennington’s buildings and landscape. While preserving and enhancing the aesthetic quality and character of the campus as a whole is a central objective, the Committee also reviews projects with a view to considerations such as accessibility, safety, maintenance, and environmental impact. Proposals for alterations to any exterior or interior spaces or the installation of sculpture or art (outside of VAPA) belonging to the College must be made on forms available from the Office of the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Planning. Temporary art exhibitions must be approved by the appropriate offices. The Committee is chaired by the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Planning.

Updated: March 2016

  • Andy Schlatter, chair
  • Ken Collamore
  • Angel Kwasniak
  • Erin McKenny
  • Forest Purnell
  • Donald Sherefkin
  • John Umphlett
  • Kerry Woods

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is made up of staff, faculty, and students from all areas of the College. The Committee's mission is to advance a shared sense of responsibility towards the social, economic, and environmental well being of the College and beyond in order to educate Bennington students and lead by example. The Committee's goals are to advance the ethic of sustainability in College operations, academics, and campus life and to build bridges between the College, the local community, and the world at large. The Committee is chaired by the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Planning.

Updated: March 2016

Retirement Plan Committee

The Retirement Plan Committee is made up of faculty and staff from across the College. The purpose of the Committee shall be to provide oversight of the College’s employee retirement plan; as such term is defined in the College's 403(b) plan.

Members of this committee include:

  • Paige Bartels
  • Angela DeLuca
  • Heather Faley
  • Michael Giannitti
  • Brian Murphy
  • Jonathan Pitcher
  • Dwaine Stevens

Updated: December 2019

Dean of Faculty–Appointed

Academic Technology Committee

The Academic Technology Committee (ATC), composed of four to six faculty members, the Director of IT, the Provost (or designee), the Vice President for Finance and Administration, and the Dean of Research, Planning, and Assessment, reviews the technological infrastructure of the College as it supports teaching and faculty work and helps set priorities around resource allocation concerning technology. 

Updated: February 2021

Administrative Review Committee

The Administrative Review Committee is a disciplinary board constituted as needed to hear appeals from the rulings of the Judicial Committee, and any offense referred directly to it by the Dean of Students for which the possible sanction could include suspension or separation from the College. The Committee normally consists of three senior members of the administration, including the Dean of Students who serves as chair. In cases in which a member of the Committee is unable to participate (for example, if a conflict or potential conflict of interest exists), the Dean of Students will appoint a substitute member of the committee. See full policy in the Student Handbook.

Updated: April 2018

Committee on Research with Human Participants

The Committee ensures that research conducted by Bennington College faculty members, students, and staff adequately protects the welfare of human subjects who participate in it. Committee approval is required for all research on human subjects conducted by College faculty members, students, and staff. Three appointed members. Guidelines and other information.

Updated: July 2021

  • Zeke Bernstein, Dean of Research, Planning, and Assessment, chair
  • Amie McClellan, faculty (F19-S22)
  • Emily Waterman, faculty (F21-S24)

Curriculum Planning Committee

The Curriculum Planning Committee, composed of the Dean of Faculty (or designee), Dean of Research, Planning, and Assessment, and faculty representatives from each of the disciplines, is responsible for short- and long-term curriculum planning as well as for reviewing and approving the curriculum. The Committee presents the curriculum for final approval to the Academic Policies Committee and the Provost's Office.

Updated: January 2022

  • Sarah Harris, Dean of Faculty, co-chair
  • Zeke Bernstein, Dean of Research, Planning, and Assessment, co-chair
  • David Bond, CAPA (F19-S22)
  • Michael Dumanis, literature (F21-S24)
  • Levi Gonzalez, dance (S22)
  • Dina Janis, drama (S22)
  • John Kirk, music (S21-F23)
  • Andrew McIntyre, science/mathematics (F21-S24)
  • Paul Voice, society, culture, and thought (S20-F22)
  • Liz White, visual arts (S21-S22)
  • Ikuko Yoshida, cultural studies and languages (S20-F22) 

Judicial Committee

The Judicial Committee hears cases concerning infractions of community standards. The committee consists of selected and trained members of the student body, faculty and staff from which three-to five members, including one chair, are designated by the Associate Dean of Student Life to determine individual cases. Members will be excused from a hearing if a conflict or potential conflict of interest exists, and the committee may proceed with the remaining members to which the Dean of Students may or may not designate substitutions.

Faculty and staff members are appointed each academic year in consultation with the Dean of Faculty and Dean of the College. Student members (in good standing, academically and disciplinary) are selected via an application process by the Office of Student Life. Selected students are re-appointed annually until graduation or resignation.

Updated: September 2021

Production Committee

Committee members from music, dance, and drama meet regularly with the Production Manager to review matters pertaining to the production calendar, performance spaces, publicity, and special events.

Updated: July 2020

  • Michael Giannitti, chair
  • Kitty Brazelton
  • Nicholas Brooke
  • Kirk Jackson
  • Sue Rees
  • Dana Reitz


Academic Policies Committee

The Academic Policies Committee (APC), composed of an elected faculty chair, six other elected faculty members, one elected faculty alternate, the Provost, the Dean of Faculty, the Dean of the College, and the Vice President for Finance and Administration, reviews academic programs, curriculum, academic budgeting, and the hiring of new faculty members. The APC is authorized to recommend new academic initiatives and work with the Provost's Office concerning budgetary matters.

Updated: January 2022

  • Benjamin Anastas, chair (7/1/21-6/30/22)
  • Zeke Bernstein, Dean of Research, Planning and Assessment, ex officio
  • Elena Demyanenko (9/1/21-6/30/24)
  • Maurice Hall, Provost, ex officio
  • Sarah Harris, Dean of Faculty, ex officio
  • Thomas Leddy-Cecere (7/1/20-6/30/23)
  • Jen Liu (1/1/21-12/31/23)
  • Amie McClellan (7/1/20-6/30/23)
  • Brian Murphy, Vice President for Finance and Administration, ex officio
  • Brian Michael Murphy, Dean of the College, ex officio
  • Tim Schroeder (9/3/19-6/30/22) (sabbatical, not serving S22)
  • Stephen Shapiro (1/1/21-12/31/23)
  • Michael Wimberly, alternate (7/1/21-6/30/24) (serving S22)

College Steering Committee

The College Steering Committee (CSC), composed of six elected faculty members, two elected faculty alternates, the President, and the Provost, has regular engagement and participation in College decision making around administrative policies and procedures, admissions and market positions, financial position, advancement and alumni engagement, faculty affairs, health/safety, and diversity/inclusion. The CSC will also co-set the faculty meeting agenda and run the faculty-only portion of meetings as well as meet regularly with the Board of Trustees.

Updated: September 2021

  • Laura Walker, President, co-chair
  • Lopamudra Banerjee (7/1/19-6/30/22) (sabbatical, not serving 21-22)
  • Nick Brooke (7/1/21-6/30/24)
  • Marguerite Feitlowitz (7/1/21-6/30/24)
  • Maurice Hall, Provost
  • Sue Rees (1/1/20-6/30/22)
  • Dana Reitz (7/1/21-6/30/24)
  • Jenny Rohn (7/1/21-6/30/24)
  • Hugh Crowl, co-chair; 1st alternate (7/1/20-6/30/23) (serving 21-22)
  • Noelle Rouxel-Cubberly, 2nd alternate (7/1/21-6/30/24) 

Faculty Committee on Grievances

The Faculty Committee on Grievances (FCG), composed of three elected faculty members, one elected faculty alternate, and the Dean of Faculty, hears (1) alleged violations of the College’s Academic Freedom Policy (outside of the review process), (2) grievances regarding alleged discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, disability, age, affectional preference, marital status, and (3) complaints against faculty by faculty or by those referred by the Provost. 

Updated: July 2021

  • Sarah Harris, Dean of Faculty
  • Mary Lum (1/1/21-12/31/23)
  • Carol Pal (1/1/20-12/31/22)
  • Don Sherefkin (1/1/21-12/31/23)
  • Paul Voice, alternate (1/1/20-12/31/22)

Faculty Performance Review Committee

The Faculty Performance Review Committee (FPRC), composed of five elected faculty members, two elected faculty alternates, and the Provost, reviews and makes recommendations regarding faculty reappointments.

Updated: July 2021

  • Sue Rees, chair (7/1/19-6/30/22)
  • Manuel Gonzales (7/1/21-6/30/24)
  • Maurice Hall, Provost
  • John Hultgren (7/1/19-6/30/22) (sabbatical, not serving 21-22)
  • Noelle Rouxel-Cubberly (7/1/20-6/30/23) 
  • Anne Thompson (7/1/21-6/30/24)
  • Kirk Jackson, 1st alternate (7/1/20-6/30/23) (serving 21-22)
  • Jennifer Rohn, 2nd alternate (7/1/19-6/30/22)

Faculty Review Appeals Committee

The Faculty Review Appeals Committee (FRAC), composed of three elected faculty members and one elected faculty alternate, hears alleged violations of faculty performance review procedures, including violations of the College’s Academic Freedom Policy during the review process. 

Updated: July 2021

  • Camille Guthrie, chair (7/1/21-6/30/24)
  • Andrew McIntyre (7/1/20-6/30/23)
  • Michael Wimberly (1/1/20-12/31/22)
  • Phillip Williams, alternate (7/1/21-6/30/24)

Student Governance

Budget and Events Committee

Every year, the College allocates funds to support the Student Activities Fund, which is overseen by the Budget and Events Committee in collaboration with Office of Student Life. Students can request monies for supplies, speaker honoraria, or general event support, either through a registered student organization, or as an independent event. Students apply for money through the Office of Student Life and the Budget and Events Committee reviews proposals and makes allocation decisions bi-weekly.

Updated: March 2016

Program Activity Council (PAC)

Students on the Program Activity Council (PAC) plan and coordinate student events, such as dance parties, guest performers, and bands. Any student on campus may submit a proposal to the board for an event and suggest ways in which PAC's annual budget should be spent.

Updated: March 2016

Student Educational Policies Committee (SEPC)

The Student Educational Policies Committee (SEPC) represents the student body on matters of academic policy, working to communicate and collaborate with students, faculty, and administration on academic matters at the classroom, discipline and institutional levels.

SEPC consists of a group of elected students who represent the student body on issues affecting academic life at Bennington. In addition to the head and secretary of the committee, two representatives per discipline serve as liaisons between students, faculty, and the administration. They know the ins and outs of each discipline and are available resources for other students, faculty, and staff regarding each area of study. SEPC coordinates mid-term and end-of-term course evaluations that provide a forum for students to supply course feedback to the college. In addition to evaluating individual courses and teachers, SEPC also considers larger questions of academic policy and articulates concerns and interests of the student community.

For more information, please visit their website

Updated: August 2019

Student Endowment for the Arts (SEA)

The mission of the Student Endowment for the Arts (SEA) is to financially support and educate the artists of Bennington College while strengthening the role of the arts within the entire community. It aims to stimulate grant writing, proposing and allocating funds in a realistic scenario. SEA offers exposure and experience in the process for both applicants and members of the board. As an all-student board, it strives to maintain an accessible relationship with the student body, undergraduate and graduate students alike. Proposals are reviewed anonymously and are judged on the strength and clarity by which they are presented, their supporting materials, and their artistic excellence.

Updated: March 2016