Science and Mathematics Faculty

Image of John Bullock
Acting Provost and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

An inorganic chemist, John Bullock investigates the reaction pathways and mechanisms of short-lived species generated at electrodes. He is also interested in reforming the undergraduate chemistry curricula by de-emphasizing traditional boundaries between sub-disciplines within the field.

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Image of Andrew Cencini

Andrew Cencini has developed software and services used by millions of people every day, working in the technology industry, where he helped build Bing, as well as SQL Server and other products. He serves as VP of engineering and cofounder of Vapor IO, a data center startup based out of Austin, TX.

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Image of Hugh Crowl

The work of astronomer Hugh Crowl addresses questions of how the massive collections of stars, gas, dust, and dark matter that we call galaxies assemble. How do galaxies form and evolve? Specifically, how do environmental conditions such as the flow of gas in and out of galaxies affect that process?

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Janet Foley
Faculty Emerita

Janet Foley applies her expertise in inorganic chemistry to study the effects of pollutants in Vermont groundwater, to understand the effects of ocean acidification on coral reefs, and to explore the photochemistry and medicinal applications of gold compounds.

Image of Amber Hancock

Amber Hancock is a physical organic chemist investigating in the photochemistry of organic free radicals. Her work aims to build capacity for environmentally benign synthetic methods by revealing the factors governing reactivity using experimental kinetic and computational techniques.  

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Image of Blake Jones

Blake Jones studies the underlying mechanisms of development, sociality, learning and memory in free-living animals. His research integrates theories and techniques from climate-science, ecology, physiology, genetics, and cognitive neuroscience.

Image of Jim Mahoney

Jim Mahoney has mentored students in physics and computing for over thirty years in topics ranging from cosmology and chaos to cryptology and microcontrollers. His interests include simulations, data analysis, internet technologies, and the digital arts.

Image of Amie McClellan

Amie McClellan is a cell biologist who utilizes baker’s yeast with a very serious goal in mind: to explore how “molecular chaperones” participate in helping proteins attain and maintain their structure and function, and how this relates to human diseases that arise when this process goes awry.

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Image of Andrew McIntyre

Andrew McIntyre’s mathematical research concerns problems in geometry related to mathematical physics. His teaching is student centered and historically driven.

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Image of Kathryn Montovan

Kathryn Montovan uses mathematical modeling and analysis to understand complex ecosystem interactions and to discover the potential evolutionary causes of insect and animal behaviors. Her teaching is based on active learning techniques and is focused on engaging students of all levels in authentic mathematical inquiry.

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Image of Tim Schroeder

Tim Schroeder applies physical and chemical principles to understand interactions between deep-Earth and shallow-Earth systems. His courses are based on the idea that geology begins as an observational science, but that understanding Earth observations requires a physical sciences context.

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Elizabeth Sherman
Faculty Emerita

Elizabeth Sherman is known for her work on amphibians and, more recently, on coral reefs and climate change; she collaborates with student researchers in her study of how animals work — both individually and as part of larger ecosystems.

Image of Kerry Woods

Kerry Woods is an ecologist whose recent work includes long-term studies of old-growth forests, landscape ecology of the Taconic Mountains, and collaborative biogeographic analyses of global temperate forests. His work has been supported by NASA, NSF, US Forest Service, and the Mellon Foundation.

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Visiting Faculty

Image of Carly Briggs
Visiting Faculty

Carly Briggs’ mathematical research in algebraic combinatorics involves using combinatorial objects to encode information about complex structures. In the classroom, she uses collaborative, active learning methods to make mathematics inclusive and accessible.

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Image of Josef Mundt
Visiting Faculty

Josef Mundt is a mathematician whose interests lie in the visualization of data, building mathematical confidence and connections, and helping others think of mathematics as an art form.

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Image of Justin Vasselli
Visiting Faculty

Justin Vasselli’s work as a software engineer focuses on utilizing iOS technology to create efficient and enjoyable educational experiences for language learners.



Image of Abbey Killam
Technical Instructor in Science

With a coach’s approach to science teaching, Abbey Killam works closely with students in chemistry, cell biology, and other scientific fields in the lab and in their independent work.

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Picture of David Norman
Science Lab Technician

David Norman works with faculty and students to make possible the innovative teaching and learning that goes on in the Dickinson Science Building, whether it means designing an instrument to demonstrate an experiment, or keeping its labs and equipment humming.

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