Karen Gover

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Karen Gover teaches philosophy of art, ancient Greek and continental philosophy, and is an active art critic.


Gover teaches philosophy, with areas of specialization in Continental philosophy, Aesthetics, and Ancient Greek philosophy. She studied English and Philosophy with honors at the University of Richmond and received her PhD from Pennsylvania State University with a dissertation on Heidegger and Greek tragedy. She has published scholarly articles in International Philosophical Quarterly, Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, and The Journal of Aesthetic Education. Her art criticism has appeared in Sculpture magazine, Ceramics: Art and Perception, and the online magazine Artcritical. Gover is the recipient of a grant from the German Academic Exchange service, she was a fellow at Williams College‚Äôs Oakley Center for the Humanities, and she is the 2011 recipient of the John Fisher Memorial Prize in Aesthetics. Gover taught at Bennington from 2005-2020.