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COVID-19 Updates and Information

This page will be updated with the latest news regarding Bennington College’s response to COVID-19.

This page was last updated: November 24, 2020 at 10:10 am EST. 

Number of Tests Conducted On Campus


Total Active Cases


New active cases**




***UPDATE: The Rensselaer County Health Department in nearby Rensselaer County, NY recently reported a positive COVID case of a Troy Resident who is also a student at Bennington College. This was an error. The person in question is a student at Binghamton University, not Bennington. More information in our update to the community***


*There are currently no active COVID-19 cases on campus. Three positive cases were identified through arrival testing; they were not related to each other, and all three people have since been medically cleared. All Day 7 testing results were negative. Of the cohort of students who arrived on 8/31, there were no positives found through arrival testing, and Day 7 testing began on 9/7. Rolling testing began on the week of 9/14.

**New active cases refers to the number of cases that are reported that day. 

About the Data We Report

In order to be transparent and also protect individuals’ privacy, we will share the total cases, active cases, recovered cases, and total tests conducted on campus. We will not be confirming details about specific cases. If a student was believed to be infectious while in class, the faculty member will be told what class, but not the individual student’s name. The faculty member does not need to notify the students in the class. The contract tracing process will determine which students need to be notified. Students who test positive for COVID may choose to alert their families or emergency contact. The College will not share health information about specific students with family members unless a student is under 18, has given permission, and/or is severely ill and unable to communicate.

The state of Vermont will be conducting contact tracing and will be in touch with members of the community believed to be at higher risk of having contracted COVID from someone who later tested positive. Alison Tartaglia, Director of Student Health Promotion, is the College liaison to the Vermont Department of Health for student contact tracing. Health Services will also contact Human Resources and/or the Provost and Dean’s office, as appropriate; those offices will be in touch directly with staff or faculty, including to answer any questions specific to the work of the office.


How You Can Help

To address the most urgent needs of our students and to provide additional support for faculty as they begin to teach in a new way, we have established the COVID-19 Relief Fund, a special initiative of the Bennington Fund. The College is incurring significant new costs associated with this crisis—from expanding technological support for students and faculty to emergency travel funding for students—and this Fund will allow us to continue to assist students with unforeseen expenses, and students and faculty in the transition to remote learning.