Study Abroad / Study Away

STUDENT HANDBOOK: Academics and Field Work Term

Students are eligible to study away for a summer, a term, or an academic year and are encouraged to do so through an exchange, affiliated outside program, or direct enrollment. Students interested in studying away should generally begin planning a year in advance by first consulting with the Study Away Counselor and their faculty advisor regarding options.

In order to study away for a term or an academic year, students must be in their 4th through 7th term and remain in good academic and disciplinary standing. Students are required to receive formal approval to Study Away from their Plan committee, secured through a Plan meeting at which they will be expected to demonstrate the appropriateness and importance of studying away to their wider academic Plan and course of study at Bennington. Students must also receive approval from the Study Away Counselor, secured through submitting the Bennington Application to Study Away. The Study Away Counselor’s approval is contingent upon a review of the proposed Study Away opportunity, and confirmation that it meets Bennington’s requirements for academics, credit transfer, and health and safety.

Students may also study away in an approved summer program at any time during their studies. To be eligible, students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing, complete the Summer Study Abroad Application, or Transfer Credit Application for domestic programs, and receive approval from their faculty advisor. Plan committee approval for summer study away is not required. Students are assessed a summer study abroad administrative fee for summer programs or assessed the transfer credit fee for domestic programs.

Students studying on one of Bennington’s exchange programs will maintain their Bennington College student status during the period of the exchange, and will continue to pay their tuition directly to Bennington (though housing and accommodation fees may be paid directly to their exchange host institution). Students studying away in non-exchange programs for a term or a year will be placed on a Leave of Absence and will be assessed a study away administrative fee each term; they pay any tuition, housing, accommodation, and related fees directly to their host institution or program provider.

Students who wish to apply federal or other eligible aid toward their program costs should apply for consortium status from the Office of Financial Aid by completing the Consortium Student Agreement. The office of Financial Aid will then work to facilitate the transfer of eligible aid to the host school or program.

At the conclusion of the study away, an official transcript must be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar and official granting of transfer credit will then be determined.

For more information about study away/study abroad, please contact the Study Away Counselor: 

Stephanie Meyer Assistant Director of Academic Services (802) 440-4400

Cross-Enrollment: Community College of Vermont and Williams College

A limited number of students may register at Community College of Vermont or Williams College for courses not offered at Bennington for no additional fee. Credit for CCV or Williams College courses will be granted as transfer credits. Credits are determined by equivalent contact hours and awarded for courses in which a student earns a grade of C or better; grades earned as transfer credit are not included in GPA calculations. 

Interested students can learn more about the process and can also consult the Registrar’s Office about applying. Enrollment is usually limited to third-year and fourth-year students in good academic standing. Transportation is provided to and from each school; the Associate Registrar will work with Campus Safety to ensure transportation is available to students that need it. Students are limited to one cross-enrollment course per term, but can apply for multiple terms to cross-enroll.