CCV and Williams College Cross-Enrollment Procedure


  • Students should be juniors or seniors in good academic standing
  • Sophomore students in good academic standing can apply; however, priority will be given to juniors and seniors


  1. Students should review curriculum on CCV or Williams’ website to choose a course. The CCV catalog can be found here and the Williams College catalog can be found here. The chosen course must apply to the student’s plan at Bennnington. Note: One Williams course is equivalent to three Bennington credits.
  2. Once course has been chosen, fill out the CCV Cross-Enrollment Application or Williams College Cross-Enrollment Application.
  3. In addition to the enrollment application, students must also submit a typed explanation for how the course relates to their plan.
  4. Once the enrollment application has been signed by the student’s advisor, the completed application (along with typed explanation) must be submitted to the Associate Registrar for approval.
  5. Deadlines: applications must be submitted to the Associate Registrar by May 21 for fall 2021 courses and December 1 for spring courses.
  6. The Associate Registrar will review the application and contact students in mid-May (for fall courses) or mid-December (for spring courses), letting them know of approval or denial.
  7. If approved, the Associate Registrar will notify students that their application is ready to pick up so that they may obtain CCV or Williams’ approvals for the course (the course instructor and CCV/Williams’ Registrar).
  8. After the approvals from CCV or Williams are obtained, the Registrar will send the approved application back to Bennington.
  9. Students who are approved are registered for a three-credit place-holder course at Bennington prior to the start of the term.
  10. When the course at CCV or Williams is complete, an official transcript is sent to Bennington. The Registrar reviews and awards transfer credits, and removes the student from the place-holder course.

Additional Information

  • Students must earn a grade of ‘C’ or better in the course to obtain credit.
  • Approved students should ideally register for 12 credits at Bennington in addition to the cross-enrolled course.
  • As of fall 2021, students will be responsible for securing their own transportation to and from Williams. This will be revised in spring 2022.