Commons Dining Hall

Commons dining hall is a traditional, cafeteria-style facility that is open during regular meal-plan hours with six dining areas including an outdoor deck.

We offer several food venues and themes to accommodate various diets. There is a hot food line, wok station, salad and vegan bar, deli bar, ice cream bar, fruit and yogurt station, and soup and pasta. Whether your in the mood for a traditional classic like carved turkey with local potatoes and cranberry stuffing or something with a bit of international influence like vegetarian falafel with a side of couscous, Commons dining hall has something to please every palate! We focus heavily on sustainability and work diligently to accommodate our guests with dietary restrictions. All dining hall employees are happy to discuss the menu at any time with our guests.

Commons has several dining rooms and an outdoor porch. It serves three meals a day on weekdays, and on weekends a continental breakfast, brunch, and dinner.  If you have a favorite meal or dessert from home, send the recipe to the dining hall and, if possible, they will feature it on the menu.

Meal Plan

Your meal plan plays the most important part in your dining experience at Bennington College. Your Bennington card allows you access to the Commons as well as the Student Center Cafe. More information on how to purchase and add to your card in online. If you are a faculty or staff member, learn more about how to purchase a meal plan for your convenience.


There are four aspects to a perfect meal: thoughtful planning, select ingredients, artistic preparation, and professional service. Combine all these ingredients and you have created Catering at Bennington.

We provide catering service offering healthy and dazzling cuisine for any occasion—everything you need drawing upon a network of the finest merchants to meet each events specific needs. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner or an elaborate celebration, we can help you plan your ideal occasion. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, knowledgeable and friendly staff, exceptional food selection, and affordable prices make each event special in its own way.

Please visit our catering website to view our catering menu. Please note that we have the ability to customize your menu in any way. We look forward to the opportunity of bringing the imaginative menus, exceptional value and specialized service to your next special event.


We are committed to serving locally sourced food when possible. We have developed relationships with local farms by the dozens. 

Hugs from Home

Relatives and friends can send “hugs from home” treats to Bennington students through the dining hall. For more information, see how to send a care package.

Other Information

  • Student IDs: Valid College ID cards are required for entry to the dining hall. If your ID is lost or stolen, you can set up a temporary (three meals) pass for use in the dining hall only.
  • Napkin Notes: The napkin board is a Bennington tradition that has lasted over three decades. Please feel free to write, calculate, or sketch your thoughts about your experience in the dining hall on a napkin while you’re here and post them on the board. We really appreciate the feedback. If you find this too restrictive, please feel free to break into song and dance to better convey your thoughts.
  • Food Committee: The Bennington College food committee encourages student involvement in the menu selection process, and allows Dining Services to communicate directly with students which is a valuable resource for both parties.
  • Special Diets: If you have a special diet or diet restrictions, call the Executive Chef (x4436) for an appointment to discuss available options.
  • Recipes from Home: If you have a favorite meal or dessert from home and would like to see it served in the dining hall, just send the recipe to us and if feasible we will feature it on the menu.
  • Employment Opportunities: We hire students to work in various positions during meal times. Our jobs provide flexible hours and work around your class schedule. If you are interested in working for Dining Services, contact us at x4385.
  • Off-Campus FWS Jobs and Field Trips: You can make arrangements to take a meal from the Snack Bar Express for off-campus FWS and academic activities. To make arrangements for this, please contact Dining Services (x4436) and request a Meal Plan Accommodation form.
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Options: Bennington offers a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options. Bennington is consistently one of the Top Ten Most Vegan Friendly Colleges.

The most important thing to remember is that your opinion matters at Bennington. Feel free to speak with any Dining Services staff to convey your thoughts and issues. We value your feedback.