Dining Services Policy

STUDENT HANDBOOK: Policies and Procedures

Student Meal Plans

The residential full board plan is a 21-meal per week, per term plan. All students living in traditional campus housing are required to purchase the full board plan.* This plan can be used in the Commons Dining Hall Monday through Friday for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night. On weekends, continental breakfast, brunch, and dinner are available. 

The Flex-7 Meal Plan is the default meal plan for students living in Long Meadow and the Paran Creek Apartments. Students can still choose to be on the full meal plan. This plan provides seven meal units per week to be used for any meal, any day of the week in the Commons Dining Hall or for Grab-n-Go. Students who are not on a meal plan and visiting guests are welcome at any dining location and may pay by cash or credit card at the door. Balances on the Bennington Card can be added and used at any College dining facility at face value.

A student’s Bennington Card is required for entry to the Commons Dining Hall. At the beginning of each term, students’ ID cards are programmed as proof of payment for the board plan. Students must present their ID cards at each meal. If your ID is lost or stolen, you must purchase a new card at the cost of $15 by contacting the Help Desk. Meal plans are non-transferable and non-cumulative. Students who attempt to use another student’s meal plan/ID card are subject to the student conduct process. 

Unauthorized removal of food or service ware from dining facilities, including Grab-n-Go, is considered theft and is prohibited and subject to the conduct process. Students who are ill or otherwise unable to attend a meal period may have a takeout meal arranged. This meal can then be picked up by another student. The person picking up the meal must have the individual’s ID at the time of pickup. This is a short-term accommodation and cannot be used more than a single day.

Dining Services service ware recovered from individual or common spaces during house inspections will be the responsibility of the individual or house members collectively. Dining Services may help facilitate the return of any serviceware without penalty if notified 48 hours in advance.

Per Vermont Health Code, Dining Services requires patrons to wear proper attire in any food service location. This includes pants, shirts, and shoes worn in the intended manner.