Picture of orientation leaders from Fall'22 Orientation

Office of Student Life

The conscious creation of community is the shared enterprise of everyone in our community.



  • Barn North


  • during term: M–F 9:00AM–5:00PM
  • summer/FWT: M–F 8:30AM–4:00PM

At Bennington College, learning happens everywhere and all the time in ways that are sometimes curated, often self-directed, deeply collaborative and interdependent. The conscious creation of community is the shared enterprise of everyone in our community and premised on the development of the whole student. The out-of-the-classroom experience engages students as architects in their own growth through transformative experiences emerging from academic and creative spaces, into the living learning experiment of the residential experience.

Student Life, Office of Student Engagement, Field Work Term and Career Development, Academic Services, Campus Safety and Student Health Center all work together, and in collaboration with faculty, to create an environment that promotes intellectual rigor, emotional and social grounding, and physical health and recreation. By joining Bennington College, you enter into this shared agreement and we are the better for it. As you find ways to share your unique self, as well as the voices of those who helped to bring you here, we look forward to your contribution. 

Who We Are

Dr. Li-Chen Chin new headshot
Dr. Li-Chen Chin
Vice President and Dean of Student Life
Barn North 113


call lichenchin@bennington.edu call 802-440-4557
Christine Congelosi-Lulla new headshot
Christine Congelosi-Lulla
Assistant Director for Housing Operations
UpCaf 202
call ccongelosi-lulla@bennington.edu call 802-447-4220
Photo of Bailey Fox; person with long hair smiling
Bailey Fox '21
Assistant Director of Residential Education
UpCaf 203
call baileyfox1@bennington.edu call 802-440-4389
Photo of Jack de Loos; woman in green tank top, brown cowboy hat, holding plant
Jack de Loos '22
Assistant Director of Student Engagement
UpCaf 201
call jackdeloos@bennington.edu call 802-440-4334
Jenny Morgan '20
Student Life Coordinator
Barn North 113
call jennymorgan@bennington.edu call 802-440-4366
Donnie Redd
Director of Residence Life and Community Standards
Barn North 113
call donnieredd@bennington.edu call 802-440-4333
Ali Tartaglia, DrPH new headshot
Ali Tartaglia, DrPH
Assistant Dean of Student Life and Director of Wellness
Barn North 113
call alisontartaglia@bennington.edu call 802-440-4755
Xander Holt
Interim Assistant Director of Student Engagement
Barn North 113
call xanderholt@bennington.edu call 802-440-4500 ext. 4371
Steven Young in white shirt and black tie
Steven Young
Associate Director of Support and Outreach, Case Manager
Barn North 113

Schedule time with Steven

call stevenyoung@bennington.edu call (802) 440-4321