Student health center

Student Health Center

Health Services

  • Location: Student Health Center (between the EAC and the Meyer Rec Barn) 
  • Hours: M–F during spring and fall terms
  • Appointments: Please sign up for appointments by email or through this link
  • Online Payments, visit online

Counseling and Psychological Services

  • Location: Student Health Center
  • Hours: M–F during spring and fall terms
  • Appointments: 802-440-4426
  • Online Payments, visit online

Student Health Insurance


The mission of the Student Health Center is to support the health and wellbeing of the students of Bennington College. Both Health and Counseling and Psychological Services strive to help students consider the complex issues affecting their physical and psychological health. Health Services provides medical evaluation, routine and acute health care, and health education. Counseling and Psychological Services provides short- and long-term psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluations, and mental health education. Both services seek to promote active participation of students in matters affecting their own psychological and physical health. Student Health Center staff are on-call for telephone consultation 24 hours a day.

Health Services

Located in the Student Health Center, Health Services is open Monday through Friday during the spring and fall academic terms.

  • Direct care includes, but is not limited to, care for acute and chronic illnesses and injuries, routine physical exams, laboratory testing, minor procedures, contraception, allergy injections, and appropriate referrals.
  • Health education includes, but is not limited to, health maintenance, preparation for traveling abroad, promotion of safer sexual practices, nutrition, weight management, smoking cessation, sexuality, and substance abuse.
  • Appointments are required encouraged during the spring and fall academic terms. Appointments can be made in person, by email, or through the self-appointment link.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Located in the Student Health Center, Counseling and Psychological Services is open Monday through Friday during the spring and fall academic terms. Licensed staff endeavor to provide students with an array of counseling and psychological services. We see psychotherapy both as a treatment to help students manage stressors and issues in their lives and as a means for providing students the chance to explore their thought processes and underlying issues much in the way they strive to understand their academics.

  • Treatment of stress and anxiety through cognitive methods, and skills training to ongoing exploration.
  • Couples' counseling
  • Referral information
  • Medication management if appropriate
  • Appointments during the spring and fall academic terms with a psychotherapist or psychiatrist can be made by calling x4426 (from off campus 802-440-4426), Monday through Friday.

TimelyCare Telehealth

Bennington College has launched a new telehealth program for our students called TimelyCare-providing free access to 24/7 virtual medical and mental telehealth care. Download the app or access through the web. For questions, please feel free to contact Ali Tartaglia, DrPH Director of Student Health Promotion. Services include: 

  • Medical: on-demand access to a medical provider that can treat a wide range of common illnesses like cold and flu, sinus infection, allergies and more
  • TalkNow: on-demand access to a mental health professional to talk about anything at anytime
  • Scheduled Counseling: schedule appointments to speak to a licensed counselor (12 per student, per year)
  • Health Coaching: access to a nutritional specialist to help with information on healthy lifestyle habits related to sleep issues, weight management and more 


The Student Health Center staff adhere to professional, ethical, and mandated standards of confidentiality. Health and Counseling and Psychological Services clinicians may consult with other professional staff members for the purpose of providing the best possible care to students. Other exceptions to the standard procedures of confidentiality occur when a student is assessed to be a danger to him/herself or others, when records are subpoenaed, or in reporting abuse (e.g., abuse or neglect of a minor) as required by law. In such cases, the student would be informed, if possible, and information would be shared strictly on a need-to-know basis.

AA and Al-Anon

During the fall and spring terms there are weekly AA meetings on campus, and both AA and Al-Anon have weekly meetings in the local community. Students who wish to participate in AA, Al-Anon, ACOA, or NA networks in the area will find a full listing of off-campus meetings in the Student Health Center offices.

Student Health Insurance

All full-time Bennington College students must be covered by a health insurance policy. Previously offered plans and other College-sponsored insurance plans are no longer available to us. Student must provide their own insurance coverageIf you do not have insurance coverage, you will not be able to enroll or attend as a student at Bennington. It is the responsibility of the policyholder/student to inquire with each provider about whether that medical office accepts their insurance and whether prior authorization by their primary care provider or insurance carrier is necessary for services away from home. Students need to provide Proof of Health Insurance with a copy of their insurance card to Bennington College and need to plan accordingly to pay their bill for services in the Student Health Center.

Health Center Charges

The Bennington College Student Health Center charges usual and customary fees, just like any private doctor's office. Payment for charges not covered by a student's health insurance can be made by using your Bennington Card, cash, check, or credit card, preferably at the time of service. Students can choose to be billed and pay within 30 days.

Student Immunization Rates


Tetanus, Diphtheria               95%
Measles, Mumps, Rubella     96%
Hepatitis B                             94%
Meningococcal                       94%
Varicella                                 95%

(as of Spring 2023)