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In Ceramic Arts Mag, One Faculty Member Reviews Another

Philosophy faculty member and art critic Karen Gover's review of Barry Bartlett's new work appeared in a recent issue of Ceramics: Art and Perception, a leading international magazine in the field of ceramic arts. 

Bartlett's latest work, which involves dismantling and reassembling porcelain castings of souvenir moulds, "reveals the mutability of images, their susceptibility to reinterpretation, their ubiquity and mystery," Gover writes. "It also dares to embrace the most banal forms of the ceramic craft multiple in order to re-appropriate and transform them into unique artworks. The sculptures are so appealing, in part, because they appear to be simultaneously effortless and highly self-conscious. As he navigates the challenges of both medium and content, Barry Bartlett makes ceramic art about politics, while at the same time confronting the politics of ceramic art."

For the entire review, including images of Bartlett's work, click here.