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Sawyer London ’24 is a senior from Arlington, Virginia. With a lifelong interest in ceramics and high school internships in the fashion industry, he was certain that he was going to end up at Parsons School of Design or Pratt Institute, both in New York City. But his family and college counselors encouraged him to apply to a few schools outside of the city too.

During the first two weeks of the class “Examining Space,” eighteen students learned how to shape foundry wax and prepare sand molds for the purpose of conceiving and realizing an object in iron. 

Coming to work at Bennington College is nothing new to new sculpture faculty John Umphlett; he has been a technical instructor in sculpture here for more than 20 years.

Earlier this year, Design and Planning Coordinator Erin McKenny and faculty member Jon Isherwood were approached by the organizers of the annual North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show (NBOSS) to explore how Bennington students could engage with the Village School of North Bennington (VSNB) and participate in the outdoor sculpture show.

The City Council of Minucciano, Italy, has named faculty member Jon Isherwood an Honorary Citizen in recognition of his work promoting the region through an art and technology initiative he’s been leading for the past five years.

MESH, a new show at Gallery Oldham in Oldham, UK that opens March 11 will feature work by Jon Isherwood. 

Jacqueline Shatz '69 has a show at Carter Burden Gallery called Interiors. 

The Digital Stone Project, founded by Jon Isherwood, is “changing the nature of the art” of stone carving.

Artist Cosmo Whyte '05 has been named a finalist for the Hudgens Prize, a $50,000 award for Georgia artists. 

Faculty member in sculpture Jon Isherwood is featured in the new book Artist Boss: Anthony Caro's Studio Assistants and Issues of Legacy in British Sculpture, published by Wunderkammer Press. The book looks at the life and work of Sir Anthony Caro, who was a faculty member at Bennington College in the 1960s.

In "China Dialogues" at the Usdan Gallery students from China and the U.S. turned the process of collaboration into a form of art.

This summer, faculty member Jon Isherwood once again spearheaded a collaboration between the Digital Stone Project and Garfagnana Innovazione in Tuscany, focused on bridging the gap between art and technology. This is the fourth such collaboration between Isherwood and students from Bennington College, the Digital Stone Project, and the Italian incubator for the artisanal stone industry.

Biomimicry in Architecture exhibition in Barn East Gallery

An assignment from Introduction to Sculpture

An experimental space designed by the Field Research of Closed Cells class

Selected work from Form to Function

Jon Isherwood’s “Sotol Duet” has been recognized  by Americans for the Arts Public Art Network (PAN) Year in Review which annually recognizes outstanding public art projects that represent the most compelling work for the year from across the country.

Co-organized by faculty member Jon Isherwood and Bennington Museum curator Jamie Franklin, 3D Digital: Here and Now is a collaboration between Bennington College and the Bennington Museum that highlights artists, designers, and manufacturers whose work exploits the potential of new technologies to push material practice. The exhibition runs through June 15.

Digital Stone Project, the not-for-profit technology organization led by faculty member Jon Isherwood, recently held the symposium and exhibition Marble Codes: Robotic Sculpture from Garfagnana in Florence, Italy. Digital Stone Project uses innovative digital technologies to serve artists, architects, designers, and the public.

On Saturday June 21, 2014, faculty member Jon Isherwood joined other artists, sculptors, theorists, technologists, and curators to present work with new technologies and marble in conference on stone carving in the 21st century.

Philosophy faculty member and art critic Karen Gover's review of Barry Bartlett's new work appeared in a recent issue of Ceramics: Art and Perception, a leading international magazine in the field of ceramic arts. 


Alumnus Sanford Mirling ‘04 has earned the International Sculpture Center's 2009 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award for his promising work as an MFA student at the State University of New York - Albany.

Faculty member Jon Isherwood was one of four American stone sculptors chosen to participate in a contemporary art exhibition in China that demonstrates a fusion of traditional carving techniques with technology that is—quite literally—on the cutting edge.

Image of Tracey Cockrell
Former Faculty

Tracey Cockrell is an interdisciplinary artist who frequently collaborates with other artists, writers, & musicians. Using sympathetic resonance as a metaphor and as a means of sound propagation, she builds sculptures and experimental musical instruments that explore the origins of language and challenge the authority of language for making meaning.

Image of Lily Carone
Former Faculty

Lily Carone is a horticulturist, artist, and educator based in western Massachusetts. Her work reflects and engages with ecology, both in subject and material.

Image of Jon Isherwood
Former Faculty

Jon Isherwood is a sculptor who has pioneered high-tech CNC technologies, led international projects, and designed opportunities to investigate the sites where the intellectual and physical become visually entangled.

Image of Michael Stradley
Former Faculty

Designer, artist, and architect examining the emerging possibilities of digital design.

Image of John Umphlett

John Umphlett MFA '99 is an innovator and inquisitive thinker, consistently searching for new experimental processes. Entranced within material parameters and properties, he finds ways to fuse those findings with the ephemeral human body.

Image of Olivia Saporito

Olivia Saporito '20 creates work that explores the intersection between object and image, aiming to construct the materiality of memory through the mode of lens-based sculpture. 

Image of William Ransom
Former Faculty

William Ransom ’04 is a sculptor whose works originates at the intersection of his material engagement and his investigations into personal history, collective history and agricultural experience.