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Dance Magazine: Is a Smaller College Dance Program Right for You?

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Bennington College has been featured in the Dance Magazine article, "Is a Smaller College Dance Program Right for You?"

Several members of the Bennington community were interviewed for the piece, including David Guzman '21, Louisa Parker '21, faculty member Mina Nishimura, with a photo of Nosizo Lukhele '22 by Smile Ma '23

Among the many benefits listed for selecting a smaller dance program, Guzman says that he had "the freedom to create [his] own path and build strong bonds with faculty, and unique opportunities for developing the leadership skills and individuality necessary for postgraduation life." 

From Dance Magazine: "With a more condensed class size, students can develop strong, supportive relationships with peers." And of course, smaller programs are advantageous during the pandemic because of their limited class sizes—but so, too, are the opportunities for individuality and personal growth. “When the group is small, there’s more freedom to further your individual experience or expression," says Nishimura.