Faculty News

"Don't Call Me, I'll Call You"

Catapult—a premier online literary journal—has published Marguerite Feitlowitz's Spanish-to-English translation of a story by Luisa Valenzuela called "Phone Call From Hell." Valenzuela is a major Argentine novelist, short story writer, and the current President of Argentine PEN

I answered the phone, and as soon as I heard the beep of the long-distance satellite, a smell of sulfur hit me like a warning in the face. The voice of the unknown caller didn’t sound particularly cavernous, but it was metallic. I recognized the insidious tone and knew without a doubt that it was the devil himself, hiding behind the innocuous disguise of a literary agent.

Feitlowitz also recently spoke as part of the annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) panel about the gender divide in translation, called "Tipping the Scales: Addressing Gender Imbalance in Literature in Translation."

Feitlowitz has just finished translating a book by French Holocaust playwright, poet, and novelist Liliane Atlan, As One Would Chisel Diamond. Atlan's book "has a rare beauty—it is by turns delicate, unnerving, visionary, and sometimes even makes us laugh. Always, it is imbued with a subtle music” said Feitlowitz.