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The Good Book

During Field Work Term, Flo Gill '22 served as a community cast member and assistant producer on The Good Book, a short film produced by Slung Low, a theatre company based in Leeds, England.

The Good Book tells the story of a future Leeds, in which society is divided between loyalists of the powerful Queen Bear and radical followers of Galahad. A young woman wishes not to choose a side in the war that wages among them, but she must undertake a dangerous mission to rescue a precious relic from destruction.

"Working with Slung Low was an incredible experience," said Gill. "Slung Low treated me like part of the family. The whole process was incredible, and they gave me as much responsibility as the professional crew members. Also, their core mission aligned perfectly with my personal values and aspects of my Plan!"

The film is now available to watch on Slung Low's website.

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The Good Book