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Ibarra Collaborates at Rio Olympics

Musician and faculty member Susie Ibarra is working with David Hertz, a Brazilian chef and a World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader, around the launch of Refettorio Gastromotiva, a food and cultural center that will repurpose 12 tons of food from the Olympics to turn it into nutritious meals for the neediest of Rio.

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Hertz has invited 47 world-class chefs to participate in the opening events. Every night, a chef will take a turn cooking a hundred meals for various different communities and eaters, with everybody from the President of Italy to the homeless in Rio. Hertz’s project partner, notable Italian chef and restaurateur Massimo Bottura, and his organization Food for the Soul are supporting the Olympic launch of Reffetorio Gastromotiva in combating food waste by cooking the opening night, August 9th.

David and I are developing our collaboration of music and food: the shared artistry behind creating music and creating a meal. We are both improvisers. We use this practice to compose meals and compositions. We will be creating an experience for the eaters surrounded by music and food, where one leaves off, the other takes over. Susie Ibarra

Ibarra will be performing alongside Renowned French Chef Alan Ducasse, when he is cooking on August 18, and alongside Hertz on August 22nd. Ibarra will perform three new works as part of a trio; she will be on drums and percussion alongside native Rio Percussionist/Electronic artist Ricardo Imperatore and Bennington alumnus Jake Landau '16 on guitar and percussion.  

The evening of August 22nd will be a TED night. Hertz and Ibarra are both TED Senior fellows; they discovered that, although they worked through different mediums--food and music--they had similar concerns and creative practices. They are reaching out to TED fellows and TEDxers in Brazil to host for the evening: helping in the kitchen, serving food to communities, participating in public art and performance, and enjoying the meal and performance.

Ibarra will also perform in Lapa Square on August 22nd at 3 pm with a percussion ensemble consisting of percussionists from the groups Mulheres de Chico, Baticum and Pandamonium, both led by Carlos Febreiros, and the Manguira Samba School.

In addition, she is teaching disadvantaged children during this week in collaboration with the Refettorio.

Ibarra also performed at the 2012 Olympics in London.