Faculty News

Isherwood Contributes to Book on Anthony Caro

Faculty member in sculpture Jon Isherwood is featured in the new book Artist Boss: Anthony Caro's Studio Assistants and Issues of Legacy in British Sculpture, published by Wunderkammer Press. The book looks at the life and work of Sir Anthony Caro, who was a faculty member at Bennington College in the 1960s.

Through Caro's expansive career, Caro employed studio assistants in the production of his work. The book is composed of interviews with these assistants, including Isherwood, as a way to approach an interpretation of Caro's work, his artistic legacy, and the question of how careers are formed in the arts. One of the major themes of the book is how the use of studio assistants by artists affects learning and artistic practices—and how it shapes the careers of the assistants themselves.

Artist's Boss also includes an interview with Willard Boepple, who was an assistant faculty member at Bennington College from 1963 to 1965, the years that Caro was a faculty member. 

The book was launched at an event in London on August 2. Bennington College was one of the sponsors of the book's publication.