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LARB: On Camille Guthrie’s “Diamonds”

Faculty member and Director of Undergraduate Writing Initiatives Camille Guthrie's new poetry collection, Diamonds (BOA Editions, 2021), has received a rave review in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Camille Guthrie and Diamonds

Diamonds is Guthrie's fourth collection of poems, where she writes about the trials and surprises of divorce, parenting, country life—and the difficulties and delights of being alone, looking at art, and falling in love. 

From the Los Angeles Review of Books: "Diamonds is Guthrie’s best book yet, and her most complicated, masquerading as her chattiest. Plus, it is very funny." The review analyzes each poem as a triumph, concluding that, "Diamonds beautifully demonstrates how this reach for individuality, or innovation, is not divorced from collective experience, or sociality. Our feelings, after all, are inspired by others, by art, and by our children; we do not exist alone." 

Diamonds has also received a rave review in Seven Days VT, calling the collection "a hypnotically good read."