Faculty News

Neveruses Report Progress

Faculty member Josh Blackwell '95 will have a solo show at Museum of Arts and Design in New York City this winter from November 15 through February 19, 2017.  Neveruses Report Progress is based on "interventions into and upon the form of the plastic bag—a globally ubiquitous symbol of capitalist waste."

Josh Blackwell Solo Show

Blackwell, who "trained as painter...considers every embellishment applied and every embroidery stitch sewn into the surface of his plastic bags to be proxies for painterly mark-making." His work "cohere[s] into gorgeous, geometrically abstract compositions that intermix color, texture, and pattern" and "address such contemporary themes as environmentalism, excess, utility, and (re)use with a fresh and playful sense of experimentation."

Blackwell's work was chosen as part of a series of shows that "address artists who have transformed and continue to transform our perceptions of traditional craft mediums." In connection with his upcoming show, on December 3, 2016, he will be leading a workshop on the construction and utility of the Neveruses. You can sign up here.

Neveruses will run from November 15, 2016 until February 19, 2017.