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Read the Spring 2022 Issue of (M)othertongues

The Spring 2022 issue of (M)othertongues has launched, featuring student prose, poetry, and artwork. 

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About (M)othertongues:

We are living in a multicultural, multilingual era, creating new spaces for hybridity that unsettle cultural binaries of the past. We believe it is important to complicate the dichotomous idea of here and there-ness that has dominated historical narratives. We aim to create a publication that looks to address themes such as migration, diaspora, in-betweenness, identity, cultural diversity, and language.

(M)othertongues magazine is supported by the Melon Foundation, in collaboration with the Consortium on Forced Migration Displacement and Education, which encompasses the colleges of Bennington, Sarah Lawrence, Bard, and Vassar.

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