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Read the Spring 2024 Issue of (m)othertongues

The Spring 2024 issue of (m)othertongues has launched, featuring student works in prose, poetry, and the visual arts. 

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About (m)othertongues:

(m)othertongues aims to create a platform that facilitates honest dialogues; focusing on the complexities of the gray area where cultural boundaries that contribute to alienation and exoticization dissolve. We want to disarm the dichotomy between "here" and "there," and look at the nuances of "belonging" to any place. (m)othertongues engages with a malleable conception of identity, displacing the nature of "home" as a fixed point in space and time. It is our hope that (m)othertongues can bridge gaps around the evolving complexities of language, cultural diversity, migration, and belonging by promoting connections and collaborations within a kaleidoscope of experiences.

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