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Society, Culture, and Thought (SCT) Senior Thesis Presentations: Fall 2023

SCT Senior Thesis Presentations: Fall 2023

On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, thirteen seniors presented their SCT theses. 

Hosted by Society, Culture, and Thought (SCT) faculty member Eileen Scully, this evening presentation offered an exciting vision of what SCT students have been working on this fall. From populist "rousings" in South Asia to resurgent civil society in Venezuela, from digital hate to photographic violence, from the question of first person authority to Hannah Arendt’s vision of democracy, these presentations showcase the breadth and depth of Advanced Work in SCT. With a personal reflection on the friendships and fun that take root in social research, visiting SCT faculty member Maia Nichols toasted the seniors on a job well done and also just begun.

SCT Thesis Presentations

Host SCT faculty member Eileen Scully

Host SCT faculty member Eileen Scully

Bella Coulombe '24

Bella Coulombe '24

SCT visiting faculty member Maia Nichols, who gave the toast

SCT visiting faculty member Maia Nichols toasting graduates

Sergui Ciavoi '24

Sergui Ciavoi '24


Muhammad Ammar ’24: “Modi, Khan, and the Stylistic Politics of Mediatized Populism: A Comparative Study”

Nawal Aziz ’24: “Situating Preferential Policy within the Mismanagement of Ethnic Diversity at the Subnational Level: A Case Study of Sindh, Pakistan”

Alexandra Brkic ’24: “The Paradox of the U.S. Far-Right Latino: Analyzing White Supremacy, Political Demographics, and Digital Hate”

Jade Costello ’24: “Masking the (Sur)face: Figuration and Identity in the Work of Bernice Bing”

Sergui Ciavoi ’24: “Mechanisms of Formation and Inheritance of Intergenerational Trauma”

Bella Coulombe ’24: “The Effects of ACEs Scores on Emerging Adulthood”

Samuel De Sousa ’24: “Civil Society Coalition Building Under Maduro’s Autocratic Venezuela”

Faith Embler ’24: “In Search of a People’s Court: Addressing Structure and Legitimacy in the US Supreme Court, The Supreme Court of India, The Constitutional Court of South Africa, and the European Court of Human Rights”

Emily Heath ’24: “The Effects of Childhood Trauma on Adults and Oain Manifestation”

Linn Miller ’24: “You Pull the Trigger, We’ll do the Rest: The Reflection on Violence in Photography’s Mirror”

Happy Platt ’24: “Occurrent First Person Authority”

Violet Silberman ’24: “Visual Art as a Tool for Healing from Trauma and Improving Mental Health”

Shannon Tyler ’24: “Embracing the Tension: Balancing Elitism and Democracy in Hannah Arendt’s Vision of Democracy”