Sexual Health

Here are a few important things to consider regarding sexual health.

Respect You!

Know what your limits are regarding sex. Many students come to campus and chose to not be sexually active and that is ok! Similarly, students who chose to be sexually active should know what they are comfortable with and what they aren’t comfortable with.

Be Safe!

Use condoms or other barrier methods to protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted infections. 1 in 2 sexually active adults will contract an STI by the time they turn 25. Condoms, female condoms, and dental dams are the only way to prevent against STIs. If you are in a heterosexual relationship and concerned about pregnancy, there are many different types of birth control methods that are available, but condoms are the only ones that also protect against STIs. You can get free condoms in safer sex kits in your house, in the Student Health Center, or from tabling events.

Don’t impair your judgement! 

Using alcohol and drugs while engaging in sexual activity impairs your ability to make sound decisions. We often do things while under the influence that we wouldn’t do while not under the influence. If it is exciting to you, it will be sober also.

Communication is sexy!

Engaging in open and honest communication encourages consent and engages you both in dialogue that allows you to be able to make good decisions about safer sex also.

Be responsible!

Remember that engaging in condom use, limiting your number of sex partners and being tested every six months or with every new partner is a great way to significantly reduce your likelihood of contracting a STI.

Be Aware! 

The Student Health Center offers gynecological care for females and STI testing for everyone, email for an appointment or call 802-440-4426.

Planned Parenthood Bennington Health Center provides a variety of services including STI testing, birth control, and general health exams, you can call  802-442-8166 to schedule an appointment.