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Student Engagement at Bennington

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) serves the student body by organizing campus wide activities and supporting involvement opportunities with the wider Bennington Community. Additionally, they manage clubs and organizations as well as varying recreational facilities across campus. The goal is to allow for students to pursue co-curricular interests with the same focus and support garnered in their academic work.

About Student Engagement at Bennington

The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) plays a crucial role in the lives of students by  providing them with a range of opportunities to develop their skills, interests, and passions. As an extension of the Office of Student Life, the OSE is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of students through various means.

One of the primary objectives of the OSE is to support the development of student-driven programming that is both meaningful and engaging. This involves identifying the needs and interests of the student body and offering programming that is tailored to their needs. By doing so, the OSE aims to promote a sense of community and foster a supportive environment that encourages growth and learning.

The OSE is also responsible for introducing a variety of social, intellectual, recreational, communal, and leadership-oriented events that enhance the student experience as well as their perspective. These programs are designed to provide students with opportunities to explore their interests, develop new skills, and gain exposure to diverse perspectives. This is also done by organizing a variety of one-time events throughout the academic year that are meant to bring the community together. 

In addition to promoting student-led activities, the OSE also oversees various aspects of campus life, including clubs and organizations, event planning, athletics and recreation programming, and community engagement. This involves working closely with students, faculty, and staff to ensure that these programs and facilities are meeting the needs of the campus community. 

Overall, the OSE is an integral part of the student experience and provides students with countless opportunities to grow, learn, and succeed both in and out of the classroom. By offering a wide range of programming and resources, the OSE helps to create a vibrant and dynamic campus community that fosters academic and personal growth.

Explore Engagement at Bennington

The subheadings below contain brief overviews as well as links to detailed information for prospective or current students who wish to start, join, or simply get better acquainted with events, clubs or organizations across campus.


Programming and Activity Council (PAC)

PAC's objective is to balance out Bennington students’ academic workload by creating social events that bring the campus community closer together.

Clubs and Organizations

The aim of clubs and organizations is to provide students with opportunities to explore their interests, meet like-minded individuals, and make a positive impact on the community. There are four main categories of clubs and organizations, each one represents a different area of interest and offers students the chance to engage with a wide range of activities and events.


Funding Spaces and Places

Students can apply for additional funding for clubs and/or events that they wish to organize—awarded budgets are collaboratively decided on by the OSE and the Student Council. The OSE also manages the Student Center and Meyer Recreation Barn. Both spaces serve as recreational spaces on campus that students can utilize year-round.

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Jack de Loos
Assistant Director of Student Engagement
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Xander Holt '19
Interim Assistant Director of Student Engagement
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