Provost's Office

The Provost's Office oversees all aspects of the academic and residential experience so that we can provide a dynamic, integrated learning environment for all students. 

The Provost's Office remains fully operational and open; however, the physical space is closed. To schedule a remote meeting, please send an email to the office or to specific staff members using the contact information below.


The way in which we recruit, support, and evaluate faculty, design our ever-emergent curriculum, implement the Plan process, and provide many varied opportunities for outside-of-the-classroom learning enables students to create a rigorous, wide-ranging, and cohesive course of study within a community of caring and motivated peers. We are dedicated to providing the most meaningful and transformative education possible, and (like Bennington students and faculty) constantly review, question, and—when necessary—change our approach to better achieve these ends.

The following offices and programs fall under the umbrella of the Provost's Office: Academic ServicesCrossett Library; the Elizabeth Coleman Center for the Advancement of Public ActionField Work Term; Graduate Programs (MFA in Dance, Music, Public Action, and Writing), and Postbaccalaureate Premedical ProgramInstitutional ResearchRegistrarStudent Life.


  • during term: M–F, 9:00AM–5:00PM
  • summer/FWT: M–F 8:30AM–4:00PM


  • Barn 123



Image of Barbara Alfano
Barbara Alfano
Director of First-Year Forum
Barn 211


call call 802-440-4378
Noah Coburn
Noah Coburn
Associate Dean for Curriculum and Pedagogy
Barn 123B


call call 802-440-4375
Image of Maurice Hall
Maurice Hall
Barn 123F


Image of Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris
Dean of Faculty
Barn 123D


call call 802-440-4379
Kelly Hayes
Kelly Hayes
Office Coordinator of the Provost and Dean's Office
Barn 123
call call 802-440-4400
Amy Kuzmicki
Amy Kuzmicki
Director for Budget and Administration
Barn 105
call call 802-440-4873
Meredith Meurs
Meredith Meurs
Executive Assistant to the Provost and Dean and Faculty Affairs Coordinator
Barn 123C
call call 802-440-4406
Image of Brian Michael Murphy
Brian Michael Murphy
Dean of the College and Director of the MFA in Public Action
Barn 123H



Program Coordinators

The Program Coordinator provides general administrative services and support to the faculty, staff, and students associated within the academic area, including: managing area budgets, purchasing equipment and supplies, managing student workers, coordinating field trips, coordinating campus visits for guest speakers and artists.

Liza Charbonneau
Liza Charbonneau
Visual Arts
call call 802-440-4549
Gina Deibel
Gina Deibel
Music; Music Library
Jennings Music Library
call call 802-440-4510
Valene Gallett
Valene Gallett
Science and Mathematics
Dickinson 114
call call 802-440-4460
Linda Hurley
Linda Hurley
Dance; Drama
call call 802-440-4547
Jessica Lynn
Cultural Studies and Languages; Literature; Society, Culture, and Thought
Barn 247
call call 802-440-4376