Is There A Fee?

All Bennington students have access to services provided by Counseling and Psychological Services and the majority of these are provided at no cost to the student. Emergency and Crisis Services along with Support Groups and Outreach Workshops have no cost. The exception is individual therapy and medication management appointments. In order to support offering student weekly appointments along with not setting overall session limits per term or per year, the College shares the cost of this service with students’ health insurance. Depending on the individual’s health insurance policy, the cost of these sessions will vary. Most students have a co-pay per session. Some insurance policies cover mental health services at no cost. 

No student will be denied access or turned away from mental health support due to financial reasons.

Students are encouraged to speak with the  Administrative Assistant for the Student Health Center at x4426, to explore their specific insurance policy and better understand any fee structures. Additionally, the Business Office offers an appeal process for any student who is unable to cover the out-of-pocket cost that may be associated with their individual health insurance policy.   

Services provided at no cost to the student

Services billed to students’ health insurance policies