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photo of Dr. Li-Chen Chin
Dr. Li-Chen Chin
Dean of Student Life
Barn North 113
call call 802-440-4557
photo of Christine Congelosi-Lulla
Christine Congelosi-Lulla
Assistant Director for Housing Operations
UpCaf 202
call call 802-447-4220
photo of Jack de Loos
Jack de Loos '22
Assistant Director of Student Engagement
UpCaf 201
call call 802-440-4334
photo of Bailey Fox '21
Bailey Fox '21
Assistant Director of Residential Education
UpCaf 203
call call 802-440-4389
Donnie Redd
Director of Residence Life and Community Standards
Barn North 113
call call 802-440-4333
photo of Steven young
Steven Young
Assistant Director of Support and Outreach
Barn North 113
call call 802-440-4321
Kate Child
Kate Child
Associate Dean for Academic Services
call call 802-753-2491
photo of Noelle Murphy
Noelle Murphy
Associate Dean of the College
Barn 123
call call 802-440-4664
Rage Hezekiah
Rage Hezekiah
Associate Director of Academic and International Student Services
call call 802-753-2494
Sbobo Ndlangamandla
Sbobo Ndlangamandla
Academic Services First-Year Counselor
Barn 113
call call 802 440 4760
Stephanie Meyer
Academic Services: Transfer Student Support
Barn 120
photo of Deirdre Bairstow-Allen
Deirdre Bairstow-Allen
Director of Financial Aid
Barn 104
call call 802-440-4325
photo of Michelle Rollins
Michelle Rollins
Student Billing
call call 802-440-4353
photo of Sarah Krinsky
Sarah Krinsky
Assistant Director of Field Work Term Advising
Barn 112
call call 802-440-4321
photo of Albert Aleksanyan
Albert Aleksanyan '22
Student Employment Specialist
Barn 112
call call 802-440-4402
photo of Ali Tartaglia
Ali Tartaglia, DrPH 
Assistant Dean and Director of Wellness 
Barn North
call call 802-440-4426
photo of Kat Daley
Kat Daley, MSW
Director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Student Health Center
call call 802-440-4447
Diane Perry
Health and Psychological Services Administrative Assistant
Student Health Center
call call 802-440-4426
Dianne Villiani, NP
Nurse Practitioner
call call 802-440-4426
photo of Alison Cho
Alison (Young Eun) Cho '14
Associate Director of International Student and Scholar Advising
Barn 235
call call 802-440-4407
Image of Nate Goyette
Nate Goyette
Support and Infrastructure Manager
call call 802-440-4476

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