Grants and Fellowships Advising

Grants and Fellowships Advising at Bennington focuses on connecting students with opportunities to extend their work—either outside the classroom or after graduation.

Noelle Everett Murphy, Assistant Dean for Academic Services, offers advising on locally- and nationally-competitive fellowships, awards, grants, and scholarships. Working with both Bennington students and alumni, Noelle provides information and support throughout the fellowship application process—from matching students with appropriate fellowship opportunities, to preparing and submitting a compelling application package.

Please contact Noelle Murphy to discuss your application to any of these exciting opportunities.

Opportunities for Students

Bennington College Student Conference Grants - suspended for fall 2020 term


International Study/Language Study


Projects Grants


    Society, Culture, and Thought

    Resources for Applicants

    Tips on Applying for Fellowships and Scholarships

    How to get started, points to consider, and who to contact.

    Letters of Recommendation

    Steps to follow in securing your recommendation letters from faculty. 

    Writing Letters of Recommendation: A Guide for Faculty 

    Some guidance as you write in support of your students.