Academic Services

  • Jennifer Burg (802-440-4410), Grants and fellowships advising, student support (sophomores - seniors)
  • Kate Child (802-753-2491), First-year and international student support
  • Katy Evans (802-440-4503), Academic accommodations, student support (sophomores - seniors)
  • Xiomara Giordano (802-753-2490), Study away and transfer student support
  • Rage Hezekiah (802-753-2494), First-year and international student support
  • Noelle Murphy (802-440-4664), Plan process, Grants and fellowships advising, student support (sophomores - seniors)
  • Sebenele Sbobo Ndlangamandla (802-440-4760), First-year student support
  • Jade Thompson (802-440-4741), Plan process


  • During Term: M–F 9:00AM–5:00PM
  • Summer/FWT: M–F 8:30AM–4:00PM


  • See information below for specific office locations.


Academic Services supports students, faculty advisors, and faculty in all areas of the student academic experience. Working in concert with faculty and faculty advisors, the academic services staff help students develop the habits of mind that contribute to success in their academic lives at Bennington and beyond.

Academic Services encompasses

Jennifer Burg
Assistant Director of Academic Services and Student Grants Counselor
Barn 120
call call 802-440-4410
Kate Child
Kate Child
Associate Dean for Academic Services
Barn 113
call call 802-753-2491
Katy Evans
Katy Evans
Assistant Director of Academic Services
Barn 120
call call 802-440-4503
Xiomara Giordano picture
Xiomara Giordano
Academic Services and Study Away Counselor
Barn 120
call call 802-753-2490
Rage Hezekiah
Rage Hezekiah
Associate Director of Academic and International Student Services
Barn North 113A
call call 802-753-2494
Noelle Murphy
Noelle Murphy
Associate Dean of the College
Barn 123
call call 802-440-4664
Jade Thompson
Jade Thompson
Academic Services and Plan Coordinator
Barn 120
call call 802-440-4741
Sebenele Ndlangamandla headshot
Sebenele Ndlangamandla
First-Year Counselor
Barn 113
call call 802 440 4760 (ext 4760)