Kate Howard '16

Study Abroad and Study Away

The opportunity to study away—whether for a summer, a term or an entire year—is available to all students and strongly encouraged. It can be a wonderful way to expand upon students' work at Bennington and to broaden or specialize their interests and area of concentration in a new and exciting environment.

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Our students have studied across the globe in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Central and South America. Bennington has relationships with several study away programs and allows students to research and propose study away through new programs. We also offer exchanges with several international and domestic colleges and universities, further expanding students' study away opportunities.

Bennington is a proud member of the Institute of International Education's Generation Study Abroad initiative and committed to working with each student to help make study away accessible.   

Questions? Contact Academic Services.

Study Abroad and Study Away

Students at Bennington are encouraged to study away for a summer, term or an academic year.  Study away offers many benefits including expanding upon a student's work at Bennington, broadening or specializing interests and areas of concentration, and developing skills and experiences that will set you apart in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Bennington students have studied across the globe and the college maintains relationships with many study away programs in addition to offering exchange programs with international and domestic colleges and universities.  Students are also encouraged to research and propose study away through new options.

Students interested in studying away should be in good academic and disciplinary standing, begin planning approximately a year in advance by meeting with the Academic Services and Study Away Counselor, and discuss the idea with their Plan committees. The Plan committee will evaluate programs and advise how the courses offered may be coordinated with the students' plan of study at Bennington.

Students must complete the Application to Study Away for term and academic year programs and the Transfer Credit Application for summer programs and meet with the Academic Services and Study Away Counselor in order to obtain final approval for their study away plans.

Students may choose to apply for consortium status from the Financial Aid Office. Our Financial Aid Office would then facilitate the transfer of allowable aid to the other school. After the program is completed, an official transcript must be sent directly to the Provost and Dean's Office and official granting of transfer credit will then be determined. A Study Away Administrative Fee (SAAF) is charged. Email us for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

Getting Started With Study Away

Students in good academic and disciplinary standing are eligible and encouraged to study away for a term or academic year during their fourth through seventh terms and during any summer break. Students who are interested in studying away should begin planning approximately a year in advance and should follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Visit the Study Away Office. The Academic Services and Study Away Counselor provides customized advising and support throughout all stages of the process. Schedule a 1:1 advising session to discuss your interests, budget, and available options and learn more about the approval process.

Step 2: Connect with Your Faculty Advisor. If you haven’t already, discuss your study away ideas (where, what, when, why...) with your faculty advisor. Your faculty advisor will also determine whether or not you will need a Plan meeting the term preceding your proposed study away. Check out the “Study Away and the Plan” section on this page for additional information.

Step 3: Connect with the Financial Aid Office. Students who are interested in studying away should make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office to better understand what aid will be available to them should they decide to study away via exchange, an education abroad provider, or through direct enrollment.

Step 4: Choose a Program. In consultation with the Academic Services and Study Away Counselor and your faculty advisor, review your options and choose a program. Bennington students are not limited to a pre-selected list of programs and universities. Instead, you are encouraged to research and pursue a course of study that will best complement the work of your Plan. Below is a select list of programs and schools attended by previous Bennington students to help you begin your research, but you are welcome to seek out and propose alternative programs as they are relevant to your work. New programs must be approved by the Academic Services and Study Away Counselor and the Registrar's Office to ensure the transfer of credit.

Affiliated Education Abroad Providers & Direct Enrollment:
Bennington maintains a relationship with the following providers and schools whereby Bennington students may be eligible for special scholarships and discounts on the program fee.  Students interested in one of these programs should e-mail the Academic Services and Study Away Counselor for the most current information.  

AIFS Study Abroad (Multiple Locations)
Academic Programs International (API) (Multiple Locations)
Arava Institute (Israel)
ARCOS Abroad (Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain)
CAPA (Multiple Locations)
CEA Study Abroad (Multiple Locations)
CET Academic Programs (Multiple Locations)
CIS Abroad (Multiple Locations)
DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia (Denmark and Sweden)
IES (Multiple Locations)
IPSL Institute for Global Learning (Multiple Locations)
SAI Programs (England, Italy, France, Spain)
School for Field Studies (SFS) (Field-Based, Multiple Locations)
School for International Training (SIT) (Field-Based, Multiple Locations)
Spanish Studies Abroad (Argentina, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Spain)
The Education Abroad Network (Australia, Cambodia, China, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam)

Other Education Abroad Providers and Direct Enrollment:
Accademia dell'Arte (Drama & Music, Italy)
Academic Programs Abroad (APA) (France)
Bard College Berlin (Germany)
Boston University Study Abroad (Multiple Locations)
Burren College of Art (Visual Art, Ireland)
CIEE (Multiple Locations)
CUPA (France)
Global Youth Connect (affordable short-term programs in Colombia, Rwanda, South Africa)
IFSA-Butler (Multiple Locations)
International Studies Abroad (ISA) (Multiple Locations)
LAMDA (Drama, England)
London Dramatic Academy (Drama, England)
MENTE (Argentina)
Paris College of Art (France)
Performing Arts Abroad (Various)
Prague Film School (Film, Czech Republic)
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) (Drama, England)
Sea Semester (Multi-country)
Semester at Sea (Multi-Country)
University of the Arts London (UAL) (England)
University College Cork (Ireland)
Universities Study Abroad Consortium (USAC) (Multiple Locations)
Where There Be Dragons (China, India, Nepal, South America)

Exchange Opportunities:
AVIC Exchange (Vermont, United States, Multiple Schools)
Bath Spa University (England)
CalArts (United States)
CIEL Exchange (United States, Multiple Schools)
Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Arts de Paris-Cergy (France)
Kansai Gaidai University (Japan)
Leuphana University (Germany)
University of East Anglia (England)

Step 5: Complete & Submit Your Application. Choose the application below that corresponds to your chosen path. Completed applications should be submitted to the Academic Services and Study Away Counselor. Deadlines for each application are listed on the individual applications.  

Domestic Exchange Application
International Exchange Application
Bennington Study Away Application
Summer/Winter Study Abroad Application
Consortium on Forced Migration Application

Still have questions? Email the Academic Services and Study Away Counselor to schedule a time to speak.

Study Away and the Plan

Students must be approved to study away in a Plan meeting. This may happen in the 3rd term for those hoping to study away in the 4th or 5th terms. If students have been approved to study away at an initial Plan Proposal meeting, there is no need for an additional Plan meeting unless their faculty advisor feels that such a meeting would be beneficial. If students intend to study away in the 6th term, approval for study away will happen in the 5th term through an early Plan Progress and Advanced Work meeting. For students planning to study away in the 7th term, approval will happen in the 6th term through the regularly scheduled Plan Progress and Advanced Work meeting. The Plan Progress and Advanced Work meeting will be the final Plan meeting unless the faculty advisor feels that a meeting following the term away would be beneficial.

International Exchanges

The College currently has international changes in place with the following institutions:

Students who study away on exchange are able to use their institutional aid to cover tuition (and in some cases room and board) at their host institution. Each exchange operates differently. Bennington students interested in studying away on exchange should complete the Study Away Intake Form and email us for an appointment.

Institutions interested in establishing an exchange with Bennington College should email the Academic Services and Study Away Counselor to explore a potential partnership.

Domestic Exchanges

CIEL Exchange

Bennington College is a member of the Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning (CIEL). This membership offers Bennington students the opportunity to study for a term at one of 11 other member colleges and universities throughout North America.  Partner universities currently include: 

Evergreen State College - Olympia, WA
Fairhaven College at Western Washington University - Bellingham, WA
Hampshire College - Amherst, MA
Hearst University - Hearst, Ontario, Canada
Johnson Center of Integrative Studies, University of the Redlands - Redlands, CA
New College of Florida - Sarasota, FL
Prescott College - Prescott, AZ
School of Individualized Study, Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY
Quest University - Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
Westminster College -- Salt Lake City, UT

There are a limited number of exchange opportunities at each host institution; applicants will be selected for participation based on the connection of the proposed course of study to the work of the student's plan and the overall quality of their written application materials.  For more information about the CIEL Exchange including application deadlines, please email us for an appointment or get started on your CIEL Exchange Application.

AVIC Exchange

The AVIC Semester Exchange Program provides Bennington Students the opportunity to study away for a term at any of the partner institutions in Vermont.  Undergraduate partner universities currently include:

Champlain College - Burlington, VT
Goddard College - Plainfield, VT
Landmark College - Putney, VT
Middlebury College - Middlebury, VT
New England Culinary Institute - Montpelier, VT
Norwich University - Northfield, VT
Saint Michael's College - Burlington, VT
Sterling College - Craftsbury, VT

Graduate partner universities currently include:

School for International Training - Brattleboro, VT
Vermont Law School - South Royalton, VT 

There are a limited number of exchange opportunities at each host institution; applicants will be selected for participation based on the connection of the proposed course of study to the work of the student's plan and the overall quality of their written application materials. For more information about the AVIC Exchange including application deadlines, please email us for an appointment or get started on your AVIC Exchange Application

Museum Fellows Term

Integrating learning across several interwoven contexts, the Museum Fellows Program spans the college’s seven-week Field Work Term and the spring term. It is an immersive educational opportunity in which students gain professional work experience at a major cultural institution; visit exhibitions and study multiple aspects of the art world with Bennington faculty; and meet artists, curators, and other arts and culture leaders. Museum partners over the first three years have included the Bronx Museum of the Arts, the Brooklyn Museum, the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Museum of the Moving Image, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Interested students should email Liz White or visit the Museum Fellows Term page for more information. 

Funding Study Away

There are resources available to help students fund their study away experiences. Many study away providers offer their own grants and scholarships for students who study through their programs, and students who intend to complete work in Public Action are eligible to apply for the College's Public Action Grant. Visit the Grants and Fellowships Advising page for additional information and resources or email Noelle Murphy, Assistant Dean for Academic Services, to schedule an appointment.

Visiting Students

The Visiting Student Program at Bennington College is an opportunity for students to supplement the undergraduate programs at their home institutions by studying at Bennington for up to two terms. The program is open to students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree-seeking program at another college/university, either within the United States or abroad.

Interested students should complete the Visiting Student Application and have their home institution complete the Home School Nomination Form. All forms should be submitted to the Academic Services and Study Away Counselor.

Varney Glassman '16

"Travel and studying abroad affords us the opportunity to stand outside ourselves and our usual circumstances, which in turn allows us to better understand ourselves and our place in the world." —Varney Glassman '16

Hannah Alongi '16

"This city has made me face the reality of war and my own role in it as an American. It is rich in character and beauty but there is no way to shield your eyes from the severity of the situation." —Hannah Alongi '16

Beatrice Ugolini '16

"Traveling makes us see what tiny place we occupy in the world; it strips us of all the triviality we fill our lives with, and shows us what really matters." —Beatrice Ugolini '16

Brendan McPherson '16

"Studying in Paris was an unforgettable experience. By design, the city gives you the impression of being at the center of the universe. It's quite the feeling." —Brendan McPherson '16

Farah Mohammad '16

"Even in that moment I knew I was living exactly the life I wanted." —Farah Mohammad '16

Kate Howard '16

"At Bennington, I research sea urchins. In Bonaire, I got to research sea urchins in the field while developing my skills as a scientist and learning about a new place. So whatever you study at Bennington, if you want to study abroad, I promise, there is a program out there for you." —Kate Howard '16

Kyle Gordon '17

"Life, culture, and society in America make up just one tiny sliver of a massive whole. Being human means pursuing experiences that show you the rest of the pie, taking steps towards that ultimate realization. Living in Japan has truly expanded my palate and shown me what can be." —Kyle Gordon '17

Ayesha Raees '17

"My study abroad experience was able to give me insight of how my studies, skills, and knowledge will function and prosper after my time at Bennington." —Ayesha Raees '17

Malia Guyer-Stevens '16

"Through study abroad with SIT, I was able to better understand my Bennington education, as well as myself, in the context of other education systems and the world." —Malia Guyer-Stevens '16

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