Home-Schooled Students

Application Guidelines

For the years of high school for which there is no official transcript, you must document each course taken, dates and amount of time spent on each, as well as provide a brief description of the courses (including texts read and work produced) and some form of assessment by an instructor if at all possible.

Letters of recommendation should come from adults who have worked with you in a teaching/learning setting, not from family or friends.

To qualify for financial aid, we require that you submit either:

  • A GED;
  • An official transcript showing successful completion of at least two years of college-level work;
  • Receipt of a passing score on a Department of Education approved ability to benefit test; or
  • A self-certification, which includes a letter from your parent or guardian describing the course of study followed and stating that you have successfully completed the program, as well as a formal certificate of completion of a home-school program from your state or local board of education.