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Transfer students are an integral part of Bennington’s community and make up about ten percent of the student body. They bring to Bennington a diversity of perspectives informed by the experiences and insights they’ve gleaned from work and study at community colleges, universities, and liberal arts institutions across the United States and beyond. Their unique campus contributions are often informed by a deep, experiential appreciation for the ways in which Bennington’s philosophy, community, and educational model differentiate it from other institutions of higher education. For students seeking to craft their own course of study and to integrate learning with work outside of the classroom, Bennington’s community of creators, innovators, researchers, advocates, and leaders may be the right place.

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Transfer Application and Financial Aid Deadlines

Spring Transfer

November 1

You will receive a decision notification by November 30. Please contact us with any questions.

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Fall Transfer

March 15

Preferred filing date. Applications are accepted until mid-July. Please note that applicants who apply by June will have the most options when choosing fall courses. Please contact us with any questions.

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