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Transfer Students

Transfer Students Excel at Bennington

You bring your experience. We’ll provide the opportunity. 

Transfer students excel at Bennington. You already know how to tackle the challenges of college, and you’ve explored some of your academic interests.

At Bennington, you can transfer your liberal arts credits and use your previous experiences as the basis to go further—design your own course of study and integrate your learning into your annual internship beyond the classroom. 

If you are interested in transferring, our community of creators, makers, innovators, researchers, and leaders is the right place for you.
Our educational model is different from other colleges and universities. You will forge your own path among nearly 40 exciting areas of study, investigating the questions that matter most to you with faculty who are professionals in their fields—writers, scientists, performers, activists, artists, scholars—who will mentor and collaborate with you. To put it all together, each year, you will spend six weeks pursuing an internship, job, performance, or scholarly research individually suited to your interests.

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You are welcome at Bennington. Come join our community of makers and doers.

Although I was admitted to Bennington [for freshman entry], I chose to enroll at [another school] because its new program promised a strong focus on classical acting...I now regret this decision, and reapplied to Bennington to complete a more academically diversified and fulfilling college experience...I have missed the atmosphere of collaboration and the unabashed joy in learning for its own sake that I had hoped to find in my college experience. A transfer student, class of 2022


Fall Transfer Priority Deadline – March 15

Preferred filing date; decisions are released on a rolling basis. Applications are accepted until June 1st. Please note that applicants who apply by May will have the most options when choosing fall courses. 

Spring Transfer – November 1

You will receive a decision notification by November 30. 

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  • 100% of transfer students are guaranteed On-Campus Housing
  • 90% of transfer students receive Financial Aid
  • 30% of transfer students are students of color and/or international students
  • 10% of Bennington’s student body are transfer students, hailing from a variety of institutions, including other liberal arts colleges, state universities, private universities, community colleges, and conservatories.

Contact Our Admissions Counselors

Assistant Director of Admissions Sam Prince
Sam Prince
Assistant Director of Admissions
Working remotely in Portland, Oregon

Reach out to me with your questions by emailing

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Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Alyssa Tomkowicz
Alyssa Tomkowicz
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
The Barn

Reach out to me with your questions by emailing

call call 802-440-4312
Stephanie Meyer
Transfer Student Support Person Stephanie Meyer
Academic Services: Transfer Student Support
The Barn
call call 802-440-4400
Alison (Young Eun) Cho, International Student and Scholar Advising
Alison (Young Eun) Cho
Associate Director of International Student and Scholar Advising
Barn 235
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Rage Hezekiah, Academic Services
Rage Hezekiah
Associate Director of Academic Services
The Barn
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