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Bennington College faculty are encouraged to follow their own interests and the interests of their students as they propose their classes. As a result, classes, as many as half of which are new each term, feature topics that are always reflecting new lines of inquiry.

From her high school experience at United World College Changshu China to her current studies at Bennington College, a global academic perspective has informed the way Andreea Coscai ’22 now reflects on growing up in Bucharest, Romania.

At Bennington College, students studying Languages have the opportunity to apply their studies in the broader Bennington community by teaching languages and cultures—including Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish—at Bennington Elementary and the Village School of North Bennington (VSNB).

Twenty-six designs for a restaurant at the Peninsula Hotel in Beijing, developed by Bennington students, staff, and faculty, will be featured in an exhibition at the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) at the end of this month, with a simultaneous exhibit in the Gllery at the hotel. 

Cultural conflict and resolution in the mother-daughter relationships in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

Thesis by Mai Tran '16

Calligraphy by Kagan Marks '16

Thanks to a partnership with Bennington College, sixth grade students at the Village School of North Bennington were able to get a year-long introductory lesson into Chinese language, culture, and history.

Two students were recently awarded the first two Fund for North Bennington College and Community Collaboration grants, which are intended to increase community benefits between the College and the Village of North Bennington.

In a new project at the Usdan Gallery at Bennington College, artists, dancers, curators, students, and thinkers from China and the U.S. are turning the process of collaboration into a form of art. The gallery is open Tuesdays through Saturdays 1:00 to 5:00 pm; admission is free.

Bennington student Noryang Yeshi '11 will celebrate the opening of Anandwan, an exhibition of photographs taken at a leprosy clinic in central India, on Monday, April 27, from 6-10 pm in the College's Barn East Gallery. This event is free and open to the public.

Image of Ginger Lin

Ginger Lin, a native of Taiwan, has 30 years of experience teaching at the cross-section of language, literature, history, and philosophy.

Sui Duan
Former Faculty

Sui Duan has taught language and culture in colleges in China and the United States. His most recent research focuses on Chinese beliefs and philosophy by examining Chinese arts and literature. He writes poems and stories.

Adam Wang
Former Faculty

Adam Wang has been a lifelong teacher and technologist in higher education.

Image of Jingsheng Zhang
Former Faculty

With academic backgrounds of religion, American Studies, and Comparative Literature, Jingsheng Zhang’s current research interests include Sinophone Studies and contemporary Chinese culture, with special focuses on literary/art societies and the Avant-garde.