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From Stone to Robots

On Saturday June 21, 2014, faculty member Jon Isherwood joined other artists, sculptors, theorists, technologists, and curators to present work with new technologies and marble in conference on stone carving in the 21st century.

Jon Isherwood's work

For the second year in a row, the Digital Stone Project and Garfagnana Innovazione brought together artists, architects, educators and students from the United States to the historic Garfagnana region of Italy to work with high technology and ancient Tuscan stone. Over the course of a month each participant will produce a sculpture that is carved with a 7-axis robot arm and finished by hand. This unprecedented collaboration between American artists and art students and the advanced technology facility at Garfagnana Innovazione has exciting implications for the future of architecture, sculpture and digitally-aided design and manufacture.

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Faculty member Jon Isherwood will also be featured in an international exhibition of contemporary sculpture using robots to carve Tuscan marble.