Public Policy Forums @ CAPA

This series invites guest speakers from the private and public sectors to address a range of important topics in the current national dialogue. Facilitated by CAPA director Susan Sgorbati and Vermont State Senator Brian Campion.

Upcoming Events

Past Events


3/24/22 - COVID: An Update

Fall 2022 - Public Health in our Community 

10/20/22 - A Lifetime of Public Service


Fall 2022 - January 6 Project


9/5/19 - Vermont's Changing Climate: What to Expect and How to Prepare

9/12/19 - Vermont's Energy Future

9/19/19 - Protecting Our Ponds, Lakes, Rivers, and Drinking Water

9/26/19 - Agriculture and a Changing Climate

10/3/19 - Governing in the Era of Climate Change

10/10/19 - College Campuses and Our Responsibilities to Mitigate and Prepare


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9/6/18 - Public Policy and How to Make Social Change

9/13/18 - Powers and Limitations of State Government Today

9/20/18 - Gender and Race in America

9/27/19 - Food and Social Justice

10/4/18 - The Environmental and Health Impacts of Herbicides and Pesticides

10/11/18 - The Trump Administration's Foreign Policy Priorities

10/18/18 - Turning Our Oceans into Landfills: The Growing Problem of Plastic Pollution

10/25/18 - Democracy Under Siege: Howard Dean

11/1/18 - What Everyone Needs to Know about the Constitution

11/8/18 - How We Got Here: Women in the Era of Trump


10/12/17 - Media and Democracy: Rights and Responsibilities of a Free Press

10/10/17 - Incarceration in America: Prison Education and Reform in Vermont

10/5/17 - Foreign Policy: International Affairs in the Era of Trump

9/28/17 - The Healthcare Debate: Current Issues

9/21/17 - Clean Water: What Will it Take to Clean the Waters of Vermont?

9/14/17 - States' Rights: The Struggle Between the President and the States


CAPA's Vermont Legislative Series forums addressed policies and recent bills passed in the Vermont legislature; topics included The Vermont Renewable Energy bill (Act 56), the Vermont Education bill (Act 46), the Vermont Clean Water bill (Act 64), Student-Centered Learning (Act 77), and Building a Healthy Bennington. These forums were created for the Bennington College community and for the citizens of the Town of Bennington and the Village of North Bennington communities, with the goal of educating students and the public about current restructuring of educational governance and the current policies around energy, water, education, health, and more in the state.