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David Bond, Associate Director of CAPA
David Bond
Associate Director of CAPA

David teaches on the environment and public action. Trained as an anthropologist, Bond studies oil spills and their imprint on environmental science and governance. More.

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Brian Campion
Brian Campion
Director of Public Policy Programs

Brian facilitates all programs and initiatives connected to state and federal policy; he also serves as a Vermont State Senator.

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Judith Enck
Judith Enck
Senior Fellow

Judith Enck is a senior advisor at the Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development. She works with Bennington students to tackle the giant emerging issue of our time: plastic pollution.

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Robert Ransick
Robert Ransick
Director of Art and Entrepreneurship Programs and the MFA in Public Action

Robert teaches digital arts, social and civically engaged artistic practices, and enterprise creation and development. He facilitates all programs related to publicly engaged art and entrepreneurship. More.

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Susan Sgorbati, Director of CAPA
Susan Sgorbati
Director of CAPA

Susan is a professional mediator and educator whose creative research has led to collaboration across disciplines as both an artist and a driver of social change. More.

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Aila West, Assistant Director of CAPA
Aila West
Assistant Director of CAPA

Aila coordinates, manages, and facilitates all CAPA operations and programming. She also serves as the assistant director of the Prison Education Initiative.

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