Public Health and Long COVID


The Long COVID Resource Page, which is opening on COVID Memorial Day, represents a public action calling for compassion and comprehension about Long COVID and its associated conditions. This need is essential right now as it is not being sufficiently met by US government officials, media, community members, and healthcare professionals, including Long COVID clinics. Since the pandemic began, messaging on Long COVID has been scarce and stigmatized by those who oversee medical information and communications, with the result that many affected individuals may not be aware they are suffering from Long COVID at all, nor do healthcare professionals know they are responsible to clinically diagnose and help guide patients.

As Long COVID reveals systemic problems of enormous scale, it provides a perspective into all that needs attention and remodeling more directly and urgently across organizations, institutions, and policies related to public health. The time to invest in all of us is now, and that starts with awareness, education, listening to lived experience, and a willingness to understand the problems that need to be solved within our systems and our communities.

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This project is organized by Bennington resident Krista Coombs and is based on her experience seeking care for Long COVID symptoms since early in the first wave of the pandemic (March 2020). Over the last three years, Krista has focused her energy on understanding post-viral illness, surveying emerging research, and trying to establish resources for Vermont "long-haulers." She sees the resource page as a tool for sharing knowledge and resources with a broad audience, enabling individuals to better advocate for compassion and care for themselves, their loved ones, and anyone who may be suffering from long-term illness in the wake of SARS-COV-2.