End-of-Term Announcements

Thank you all for your warm welcome this semester. I am excited to be a part of this community and enjoy the formal and informal conversations I have. These conversations are helping me to understand Bennington's culture. I also attended several student presentations and performances. I was certain of the hours of practice they required, and impressed with the talents and skills you demonstrated. They reminded me of the reasons that Bennington is such a special place.

These End of Term Announcements are to share the information you need to know as the term comes to a close. These announcements include important dates and information that will assist you in planning for the end of term and for the beginning of spring. Please review them and be in touch with the Office of Student Life (802-440-4330) with any questions you may have.

You have overcome many personal and academic challenges this term. I hope that you will be able to take a break in the coming weeks and focus on self-care, particularly catching up on sleep. I look forward to working with you next term to continue making Bennington more equitable, better, and stronger. Best of luck with your finals. Happy holidays and safe travel.

—Dr. Li-Chen Chin, Dean of Student Life