The Bennington Card

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2018-2019: Policies and Procedures

The Bennington Card is the official identification card of Bennington College. Issued to all members of the College community, it is required for identification, access to essential campus services and residential houses, and offers a convenient, prepaid spending account for making cashless purchases around campus.

The Bennington Card Account offers a declining balance feature of the Bennington Card. It is a pre-paid flexible spending account that holds deposited funds to be used by the cardholder for purchases at on- and off-campus locations. All account information is linked to the magnetic stripe on the back of the card. Every time the card is used to make a purchase, the amount is electronically deducted from the prepaid funds. Use of the Bennington Card account constitutes acceptance of all terms, conditions, and regulations under which it is issued.

The Bennington Card functions as a bank-issued debit card and as such should not be defaced or altered in any way. If your ID is lost or stolen, you must purchase a new card at the cost of $15 by emailing the Help Desk and picking up the new ID card in Information Technology, Dickinson 225. More about the Bennington Card.