Buildings and Grounds Policies

STUDENT HANDBOOK: Policies and Procedures

The Buildings and Grounds staff works to maintain the campus buildings and grounds for student, faculty, and staff use. Students can help the Buildings and Grounds staff by reporting any damage or potential problems by calling ext. 4584 during the business day or by reporting problems to Campus Safety, ext. 0 from a campus phone after hours.

College Furniture

College furniture may not be removed from individual rooms, common areas, or buildings. This furniture is for the use of all current and future residents and is expected to remain in place throughout the term. If any College furniture is missing at the end of the term, residents will be billed for the replacement cost.

Furniture replaced from individual rooms will be billed to the occupants. Common area furniture or equipment replaced will be billed to the individual responsible if that individual is identified. If the responsible individual is not identified, the bill will be divided among the residents.

Personal Furniture

Students who leave personal furniture in their rooms will be charged a fee for removal. Students who move personal furniture into common areas during the term may be charged a moving fee if the items are not moved back to their appropriate location within 24 hours of notice.

Trash and Recycling

Students are responsible for disposing of all their own trash and for placing recycling and compost in the proper bins outside.

Health or Safety Hazards

Health or safety hazards that come to the attention of Buildings and Grounds or Campus Safety may be reported to the Office of Student Life for follow-up.


Bennington College prohibits pools and or any structure used to collect water.

Pet/Animal Policy

The College has established strict policies regarding the presence of pets and animals on campus. With the exception of small fish, service animals, and approved emotional support animals (ESAs), the College prohibits any student  from bringing or keeping pets or animals of any kind in student residences or any administrative, service, or academic building. Students who need to request an accommodation for an ESA in campus housing should contact the Office of Residence Life. When individuals are found in alleged violation of the pet policy the situation will be documented and referred to the student conduct process, and will be given 48 hours to remove the animal from campus. It is the responsibility of the individual to provide proof to the Director of Residence Life or their designee, that the pet has been removed; Campus Safety and Residence Life will also re-inspect the room to ensure compliance. If the animal has not been removed within 48 hours, the information will be added to the incident report. The Office of Campus Safety in partnership with Residence Life will arrange (with or without notice) to remove from the campus animals that are in violation of policy. Should external assistance be used to remove an animal, the owner will be responsible for any cost incurred. Any damage or repairs arising from animals being brought onto or kept on campus by students will be charged to the student.

Animals of unknown ownership roaming loose on the campus will be taken to the local animal shelter. Dogs temporarily brought onto the campus by residents, employees, or visitors must be in the full control of their owner or other custodian. All dogs are to be on a leash at all times. Under no circumstances are dogs allowed to run loose or to be tied to buildings, handrails, trees, bicycle racks, or other objects. Concerns for animal well being should be brought to the attention of Campus Safety.


Soliciting is not allowed in College houses.