Buildings and Grounds Policies

STUDENT HANDBOOK: Policies and Procedures

The Buildings and Grounds staff works to maintain the campus buildings and grounds for student, faculty, and staff use. The staff includes housekeepers, electricians, plumbers, a boiler technician, carpenters, locksmiths, painters, groundskeepers, movers, supervisors, and office staff. Students can help the Buildings and Grounds staff by reporting any damage or potential problems by calling ext. 4584 during the business day or by reporting problems to Campus Safety, ext. 0 after hours. In addition, each student is responsible for reporting any safety issue to Campus Safety.

College Furniture

College furniture may not be removed from individual rooms, common areas, or buildings. This furniture is for the use of all current and future residents and is expected to remain in place throughout the term. If any College furniture is missing at the end of the term, students will be billed for the replacement cost of the missing pieces.

Furniture replaced from individual rooms will be billed to the occupants. Common area furniture or equipment replaced will be billed to the individual responsible if that individual is identified. If the responsible individual is not identified, the bill will be prorated among all house residents.


Personal Furniture

Students who leave personal furniture in their rooms will be charged a fee for removal. Students who move personal furniture into common areas during the term may be charged a moving fee if the items are not moved back to their appropriate location within 24 hours of notice.


Trash and Recycling

Students are responsible for disposing of all their own trash and for placing recycling in the proper outside receptacles.


Health or Safety Hazards

Health or safety hazards that come to the attention of Buildings and Grounds or Campus Safety may be reported to the Office of Student Life for follow-up and possible disciplinary action.