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Ambition of Recklessness

Miguel Gutierrez’s latest dance piece, which features a cast of Latin American heritage, "melds the formal and the personal, the tactile and the untamed," writes Gia Kourlas in The New York Times.

Miguel Gutierrez

Gutierrez joins Bennington College in Spring 2019 as a visiting faculty member in dance. His piece "This Bridge" will be performed on January 9 during American Realness festival held at The Chocolate Factory Theater. 

The Chocolate Factory, founded by Executive Director Sheila Lewandowski ’97 and Artistic Director Brian Rogers ’95, has been a staple of the Queens arts scene since its first season in 2005.

"This Bridge” is an intimate spectacle: a mix of the untamed and the tactile, the sensorial and the formal. 

The New York Times