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Isherwood Interviews Umphlett MFA '99 in Sculpture Magazine

Bennington teaching technician and sculptor John Umphlett MFA '99 was interviewed by visual arts faculty member Jon Isherwood for the September issue of Sculpture magazine. 

Cover of Sculpture magazine

Writes Isherwood, "Umphlett has developed a body of work in which his own body, placed under extreme duress, is a central figure. Whether dangling over cars, somersaulting through the air, or being slowly dragged through a gallery, Umphlett relentlessly explores the limits of bodily endurance through his provocative performance pieces."    

In Umphlett's 2013 exhibition "Evolving Resolution," pictured right at Bennington's Usdan Gallery, he physically connected himself to a "large, electrically charged platter." 

"Endurance—for both the artist and the viewer—is central  to the manufactured tension that makes these works unique."

Find the full interview here.