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A Tale of Survival

Faculty member Marguerite Feitlowitz published "A Tale of Survival," a review of Sergio Bitar's Prisoner of Pinochet: My Year in a Chilean Concentration Camp, through ReVista, the Harvard Review of Latin America.

Prisoner of Pinochet

"A Tale of Survival" is part of Feitlowitz's longstanding work on Latin America. From the article:

"On September 11, 1973, at about eight o’clock in the morning, Sergio Bitar, one of Allende’s top economic advisers and the Minister of Mining, received a phone call from a colleague: the military was on the move.  Downtown Santiago was surrounded by soldiers. It had to be the coup they’d been expecting. Bitar’s first thoughts were “diffuse.” Since Chile’s constitutionalist military had neutralized previous coup attempts, he prepared to head downtown himself for a meeting he had scheduled with CORFO, the agency that managed the public economy and had nationalized the country’s major industries. But then, the one radio station still functioning announced that the military was bombing the presidential palace La Moneda. As his middle-class neighbors cheered the fall of the socialist Popular Unity government, Bitar and his wife gathered their children to take them to a place of greater safety." 

The full text is available through ReVista.

Feitlowitz's article also appears in the Spanish web edition. The Spanish translation was done by Mariana Cardoso '20, a student in Feitlowitz's Getting the Story, Getting in Close: Longform Journalism in Conflict Zones.