Students rollerskating at Rollerama

The Office for Student Engagement (OSE)

Our office serves the Bennington student body by supporting engagement and involvement opportunities to pursue co-curricular interests with the same focus and support garnered in their academic work.

About The OSE

The Office for Student Engagement (OSE) is an extension of the Office of Student Life. The mission of the Office for Student Engagement is to enhance the educational experience of students by supporting the development of student-driven programming and through the introduction of social, intellectual, recreational, community service and leadership-oriented programming that further enhances the student experience and perspective.

The OSE maintains primary oversight of campus clubs and organizations, student event planning, athletics and recreation programming and facilities, as well as community engagement.

Bennington's "Vermonster" Ultimate Frisbee Team
Bennington's "Vermonster" Ultimate Frisbee Team Poses for the Camera post-meet. 


There are limitless avenues to explore, create and imagine through the on-campus clubs.

Please take a look at our list of all active clubs that are available for you!


Explore Engagement at Bennington

Contact Student Life with any questions.

PAC: The Programming and Activity Council

PAC's objective is to balance out the Bennington students’ academic workload by creating social events that bring the campus community closer together.

SEA: The Student Endowment of the Arts

The Student Endowment for the Arts (S.E.A) is a student led committee who help financially supports artistic endeavors of students working in visual art, music, drama, dance, and writing. 

B&EC: Budget and Events Committee

A student led committee dedicated to providing budgetary and event planning support both to student organizations and students interested in planning events for the Bennington College community. 

Jack de Loos
Assistant Director of Student Engagement Clubs & Orgs.
Barn North
call call 802.440.4334