Clubs & Organizations at Bennington

Clubs and organizations are a vital part of the college experience at Bennington, providing students with opportunities to explore their interests, meet like-minded individuals, and make a positive impact on the community. There are five main categories of clubs and organizations: Athletics, Cultural & Affinity, Visual Arts and Performing Arts, Community/Volunteerism/Academics, and last but not least, Special Interest. Each category represents a different area of co-curricularsĀ  and offers students the chance to engage with a wide range of activities and events.

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Categories of Clubs and Organizations

  1. Athletics clubs are focused on sports and fitness activities, such as badminton, soccer, or dodgeball. 
  2. Cultural & Affinity clubs and organizations are dedicated to celebrating and exploring different cultural backgrounds and identities, such as Black Student Union (BSU), Muslim Students Association (MSA) and Chronically Ill and Disabled Student Union (CIDSU). Another example is the (M)othertongues magazine, which addresses themes such as migration, diaspora, in-betweenness, identity, cultural diversity, and language. 
  3. Visual Arts & Performing Arts clubs are centered around artistic expression, including music, theater, dance, or film, such as the Queer Performance or Synth Club.
  4. Community/Volunteerism/Academics clubs and orgs provide opportunities for students to engage in service projects or academic pursuits, such as tutoring or environmental activism, or SCPC. 
  5. Special Interest clubs encompass any club or organization that does not fall into the other categories, such as The Animal Crossing or the Dungeons and Dragons club. 

How to Register a Club or Organization

To register a club or organization, follow these general guidelines (updated '23-'24)

For specific club/organization categories, fill out the following forms.

Additional Information on Registering a Club or Organization

It is important to note that clubs can only be registered at the start of the fall term, and that students cannot register a club during their first year of college. Each club is allocated a budget of $100 per term, which can be used to cover expenses related to events, activities, and other programming. Additional budgets can be requested through the Student Council budget request form. See the Funding, Spaces and Places page for more details.

Before submitting your idea for a new club, it is important to ensure that a similar club or organization does not already exist at our school. To do so, you can refer to the list of current clubs and organizations (requires a Bennington login) or contact the Office of Student Engagement. This will help you avoid any unnecessary duplication of efforts and resources and will allow you to focus on developing a unique and impactful club that can make a meaningful contribution to the school community.

Promoting Events and Engaging Outside Performers

Please see this resources page for details on how to promote an event.


If you have any additional questions, please contact or