Clubs & Organizations at Bennington

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Clubs & Orgs at Bennington

More than 50 clubs and organizations are hosted in any given year on campus and nearly all of them are created, activated, and managed by students. While some clubs operate like publications, others are constructed by students looking to learn something new or explore another interest, like say, for instance, building a boat. Students create clubs to celebrate diverse cultures, to provide highly inclusive environments, to connect with each other on performing arts, sports and athletics, or sometimes skill sharing. Every year clubs are added and others weeded as the flow of student interest and activity changes with each class of students at Bennington—providing the most ample flexibility when it comes to Office for Student Engagement funding and support of clubs and organizations as they relate to current student interest.

 A complete list of active campus clubs and organizations can be found here.

This list is updated daily, so check back often for new club updates and opportunities!

Looking to start your own club on campus?

The process starts by completing this simple form. Once received, your proposal will be reviewed by the campus Budget & Events Committee and a representative will be in touch (generally within 48hrs during term time) via email with next steps.

If you've never run a club before, consider reading through the Club How-To's below. The content is comprehensive but easy to follow and will help you think through many of the considerations and logistics that go hand in hand with running a dynamic club on our campus.   

As always, feel free to reach out to the OSE directly for assistance via if you have any questions. 

Club Considerations: a guide in three sections

Starting a Club

How to's and considerations

How do campus clubs thrive? What are the expectations of a new campus club or organization? 


budgets space considerations and fundraising

How do you access your club budget or find more money for projects and events? How do you reserve spaces on campus, and what important considerations play in to this process?

Event Planning

event planning, outside performers and event promotion

In this section, learn more about successful event planning on campus, the process of engaging outside entertainers, performers, speakers, lecturers, and effective campus promotion strategies and resources.