Visual Arts Faculty

Image for Barry Bartlett

Barry Bartlett creates ceramic sculptures that take on questions of conflict, evolution, warfare, suburban sprawl, kitsch, and commemoration.

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Image of J Blackwell

J Blackwell’s recent works are called Neveruses (never•uses). Neveruses are lumpish, androgynous painting-objects comprised of scavenged plastic bags and colored fibers such as wool yarn and silk thread. These hybrid devices are neither useful nor redundant, although both are implied.

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Image of Thorsten Dennerline

Thorsten Dennerline produces paintings, drawings, and artists’ books. The main focus of his work originates from an interest in poetry, which has led to collaborative projects with writers in book form, and in paintings and drawing projects that explore the poetic possibilities of the landscape.

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Image of Mariam Ghani

Mariam Ghani is an artist, writer, and filmmaker. Her work looks at places, spaces and moments where social, political and cultural structures take on visible forms, and spans video, sound, installation, photography, performance, text and data. 


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Image of Yoko Inoue

Yoko Inoue’s multidisciplinary art practice anthropologically examines complex relationships between people and objects, the commodification of culture, and the assimilation and transformation of cultural meaning and values. Using ceramic medium she explores the socio-political and economic implication of products and globalization.

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Image of Jon Isherwood

Jon Isherwood is a sculptor who has pioneered high-tech CNC technologies, led international projects, and designed opportunities to investigate the sites where the intellectual and physical become visually entangled.

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Image of Jonathan Kline

Jonathan Kline’s artwork straddles the divide between photography’s contemporary, hybrid, and digital nature and its most traditional and original forms

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Image of Jen Liu

Jen Liu is a New York-based visual artist working in video, performance, and painting, on topics of national identity, economy, and the re-motivating of archival artifacts. She is a 2017 recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship in Film/Video, as well as the NYSCA/NYFA Fellowship in Digital/Electronic Art.

Image of Mary Lum

Mary Lum’s paintings, collages, and wall works, which have been praised by critics and exhibited widely, draw attention to the overlooked but subliminally powerful architecture of modern life.

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Image of J. Vanessa Lyon

Vanessa Lyon's teaching and research range from early Renaissance to modern and contemporary visual culture with a focus on European painting. She is especially interested in cross-cultural exchange, the intersectionality of gender, race, and theology in early modern visuality, and the legacies of the 'Old Masters' in subsequent art and its histories.

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Image of Aysha Peltz

Aysha Peltz’s ceramics blur the lines between utility and art, as the material properties of clay itself—the way it swells, fissures, and tears under its own weight—create a certain kind of poetry.

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image of Ann Pibal

Ann Pibal’s widely recognized and highly acclaimed paintings have been exhibited extensively, in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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Image of Kate Purdie

In her work as a documentary filmmaker and film editor, Kate Purdie focuses on finding and portraying insights into the human experience by delving into lives and ideas that speak to themes of work, family, and community.

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Image of Sue Rees

Sue Rees has exhibited her set designs, animations, installations, and video works worldwide and has worked collaboratively with choreographers, directors, and musicians in the United States, Europe, and India.

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Image of Donald Sherefkin

Donald Sherefkin is an architect whose projects range from urban loft renovations to rural retreats to sacred spaces, extending from the heart of New York City to New England.

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Image of Anne Thompson
Director and Curator of the Suzanne Lemberg Usdan Gallery

An artist whose practice involves writing and curating, Anne Thompson creates community through collaborative projects that move art outside its institutionalized spaces.

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Image of Elizabeth White
Director of the Museum Fellows Term

Elizabeth White is a multidisciplinary artist whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

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Visiting Faculty

Image of Colin Brant
Visiting Faculty

Colin Brant’s luxurious, color-drenched, paintings and drawings present an inquiry that is both reverent and skeptical, offering examinations of landscape as personal, politicized, and perpetually evolving historical space.

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Image of Robby Gilbert
Visiting Faculty

Robby Gilbert is an artist interested in the intersections of multiple creative practices.


Image of May Hemler
Technical Instructor in Photography

May Hemler is a photographer whose work focuses on the body, pain, illness, and disability. Hemler works across many photographic mediums and formats, in digital, large, medium, and 35mm, black and white, as well as color. 

Technical Instructor in Video and Design/Animation

Colleen Murphy is a digital artist and animator who is intrigued by solitude, thought processes, and empathy. She highly values the creation process and is continually adapting her workflow.

Image of Josh Primmer
Technical Instructor in Ceramics

Joshua Primmer is a maker of utilitarian ceramics and multimedia sculpture that are as much about form, function, process, and material as they are about peaceful monumentality. He has shown his work across the United States and in Canada.

Image of Corinne Rhodes
Technical Instructor in Printmaking

Corinne Rhodes is an artist-printmaker and runs Cherry Press Printmaking Workshop in Rutland, MA. For the past three years she has been immersed in developing techniques and materials for non-toxic lithography, which she teaches at Cherry Press and other printmaking workshops, colleges/universities and art schools/institutions.

Image of John Umphlett
Technical Instructor in Visual Arts

John Umphlett is open to experimentation through the love of material handling and repetitive practice. His work can be a representation of an action or a snapshot of a moment that takes hours to fully view. The focus of life and death are recognized within his work as vibrating bookends.

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