Financial Aid for Graduate Students


A small number of alumni-funded awards are offered to outstanding applicants to the Low-Residency MFA in Writing Program. A limited number of merit-based institutional grants are awarded to highly qualified applicants to the Postbac Premed Program.


A limited number of assistantships may be awarded through the Dean’s Office to MFA students in Music or Dance. For more information, contact the Office of Admissions.


The federal student loan is the primary loan resource for most postbaccalaureate and graduate students. Federal Grad PLUS loans may be available to MFA students if the federal unsubsidized student loan will not cover expenses; parents of dependent postbaccalaureate students may borrow a federal PLUS loan, and students may also depend on private alternative loans.

Low-Residency Programs

Low-residency MFA in Writing students can borrow an amount covering the cost of tuition, residency, and an allowance for books, supplies, and transportation. Living costs during the period of non-residency are not covered by loans or other aid.

Online Resources

View a selection of online financial aid resources.