Supporting Field Work

Families are an important part of the Bennington network and can play an active role in supporting the professional development of our students.

Given the value you place on your own student's education, we know you realize the critical task of supporting field work work. To support your own son or daughter directly, you can help plan for FWT or help troubleshoot over FWT. We also welcome you to engage with our campus to support our broad student body, particularly those with limited resources.

  1. Post a job. Whether it's a Field Work Term, summer, or recent graduate position, consider the value of recruiting Bennington talent.
  2. Mentor a student. The landmark 2014 Gallup-Purdue Index Report (and subsequent annual surveys) highlight the importance of feeling supported by teachers or mentors who made students excited about learning, cared about them as persons, and encouraged them to pursue goals. To offer your support as a mentor in your field, please contact Marie Leahy, Managing Director of Alumni Relations at
  3. Fund a Field Work Term. Every year the College awards Field Work Term grants to help students with high financial need realize their experiential learning goals. Many of these awards are made possible through the generosity of our families and alumni. If you would like to make a gift to support FWT grants or to endow a named Filed Work Term grant, please contact Senior Director of Major and Leadership Giving, Tim Clemmey at
  4. Offer Housing over Field Work Term. If you have a spare room to offer to a Bennington student, please complete email to discuss details. You may also find more information on hosting students here.

We thank you in advance for your interest in supporting our students through your time, resources, and talent.