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Love Is Love Is Love Is Love

Bennington students, faculty, and staff in Kerry Ryer-Parke's Sing course go virtual with this arrangement of Love Is Love Is Love Is Love by Abbie Betinis.

Once a week, Bennington students, faculty and staff gather to sing together. While we’re separated by distance, our love for singing and the Bennington College community remains strong.


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Love Is Love Is Love Is Love


Curt Wells, Technical Instructor in Music


Colleen Murphy, Technical Instructor in Video/Design Animation

Assistant Editors

Sylvia Minehan '21
Hrach Sargsyan '20

Lead Performers

Kerry Ryer-Parke, faculty member
Chris Rose, composition fellow/piano accompanist
John Kirk, faculty member
Joe Alpar, visiting faculty member
Delia Saenz, vice president for institutional inclusion, equity, and leadership development
Penelope Owen '87, assistant director of psychological services
Willow Parker '23
Akylayim Shergazy '22
Sebastian Greer '20
Jessica Langham '23
Emma Fenton '23
Rafaella Binder-Gavito '23
Biborka Beres '23
Asa Lowengard '22
Anna King '23
Maaz Adil '23
Phoenix Cantor '22
Tristan Archibald '23
Skyler-Marie Lane '22
Cierra Cassano '20
Martha Bennett '21
Marilyn Blakewood '22
Ava Renz '22
Ayla Kanciruk '23
Madeleine Wood '22
Elmina David '21
Alli von Hirschberg '21
Joe Tucker, research services librarian
Elizabeth Moore '23

Thanks also to

Lydia Duff '21
Rezzie Yildrim '23
Jenna Taus '23
Akanchya Maskay '21
Saira Shrestha '23
Paing Sett Hein '20
Marley-Rose Liburd '22
Srichchha Pradhan '22
India Carter-Bolick '23
Libby Green '22
Sofia Pacheco Pardo '22

Music Composition

Love Is Love Is Love Is Love
By Abbie Betinis
Uploaded with the permission of the publisher, Abbie Betinis Music Co.

From the Justice Choir Songbook. Download the free sheet music, licensed for free, non-commercial distribution worldwide.